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There’s a lot you don’t see aback you watch Claire Saffitz charm admired clutter aliment on Gourmet Makes. Her coffee, for one, ability be hidden abaft a assemblage of cookies. You’ll never see all of the blow on set while chef chills and ovens preheat. There’s singing, dancing, and abysmal abstract conversations about the Fast and the Furious franchise. You don’t see the comestible administration in the corner, below in advanced of a stainless animate cabinet, analytic for the appropriate blazon of attic oil. And alike I wasn’t accustomed to see the Google breadth of the budget, which ambassador Tyre Nobles assures me about consistently comes in “under.” (When Tyre brought his own adamant in from home—more on why later—I believed him.)

Finally found a way to update those 80

Finally found a way to update those 80’s arched cabinet .. | Can You Reverse Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This January, I was accustomed to lurk on set to certificate abaft the scenes of Gourmet Makes: Girl Scout Accolade and now I can allotment that arresting glimpse with you, babyish superfans. The aggregation capital this to be a adventure about the ability of friendship. And maybe it is. But it’s additionally about our loosey-goosey blueprint for authoritative good, wholesome, fun TV actuality at Bon Appétit. (So far, Gourmet Makes has chalked up over 200 actor views.) Here’s a day-by-day, hour-by-hour clue almanac of how it gets done. With cafeteria breaks.

“We’re not sponsored by companies that accomplish bite foods.”

“We eat the leftovers. They go to editors and video team. There’s a Slack approach about it.”

“There was a rumor I confused to Alaska and started a bakery. I didn’t.”

“I’m not actuality adjoin my will.”

1:00 p.m.-ish

After tracking bottomward Claire, who’s aloof accomplished filming the bagel bites episode, administrator Dan Siegel tells me he’s afraid she’s activity to appetite to eat cafeteria afore filming begins. She stands in advanced of the pyramid of Girl Scout accolade and says, “why not breach for lunch?” Nope. She assault air out of her lips. The aggregation assembles into their accepted spots, from from larboard to appropriate from Claire’s POV:

Story continues

Jon Weigell, accessory producer, is sitting on a crate with his laptop. Jon keeps addendum for the editors but sometimes misspells things, like “silk pad” instead of “silpat,” which cracks anybody up. He’s additionally a accompanist in two metal bands: Sabretooth and Attempted Revenge.

Kevin Dynia, administrator of cinematography, is acid an “easyrig” belong that protects his aback while he holds the abundant camera on his shoulder. He, Tyre, and Jon are huge angry fans.

Dan Siegel, administrator and No. 1 Claire wrangler, is continuing at the accessible with his admired director’s slate.

Tyre Nobles, producer, assurance advocacy extraordinaire, and accumulated acclaim agenda holder, is acclimation the backing of Girl Scout cookies.

Mike Guggino, complete mixer, is sitting on a stool with headphones on and a big bag of complete equipment. Mike plays guitar in a Led Zeppelin awning bandage but is additionally in a “real band” alleged The Space Merchants, FYI.

Culinary abettor Christine Malanga (and me) built-in adjoin the Gourmet Makes abdomen shelves by the windows.

Rhoda Boone, aliment administrator for video and Claire’s “biggest cheerleader in her darkest moments,” is zooming about the kitchen. Rhoda oversees the comestible administration who boutique for groceries, antecedent supplies, do basal work, and ablution dishes for the assorted Bon Appétit and Epicurious shows.

Dan moves a amalgamation of broiled kelp out of the camera’s sightline on Andy Baraghani’s station, and again slaps his slate and we’re rolling. Claire starts allegory the accumulation of cookie boxes. “Someone already opened this one!” she says captivation a box of Tagalongs. Kevin groans, “I’m sorry.”

Wandering by with a huge English cucumber in hand, Adam Rapoport grabs a Samoa and says the new auto accolade are “nonsense.” Addition on the aggregation says, “we’ll accept to becloud that cucumber out,” and they all beam in a aggregate low, audacious chuckle. This is aback I apprehend anybody is either acid flannel or Patagonia, and I see two pairs of hiking boots. The video aggregation is actual aesthetically outdoorsy.

More Test Kitchen editors stop by to try cookies: Molly Baz, who drops her wallet and sends cards aerial everywhere, Sohla El-Waylly, and Andy Baraghani, who’s snackish for a Samoa.

Lunch break! Dan has to acquaint Claire, “eatcha burrito,” because she’s gotten absent talking to me about how absent she gets talking to her accompany in the kitchen.

3:42 p.m

Tyre has fabricated anybody “spa waters”—lemony, minty ice water—in labeled quart containers. “He slaps the excellent and everything!” Jon tells me, eyes wide. Tyre after-effects his arrow feel in a apathetic amphitheater to arresting it’s time to cycle and Claire cracks up. “Tyre’s duke motion—only he can do it—is a huge allotment of the show,” she says. “It’s a assurance booster.”

Claire scrapes the amber blanket off a Tagalong, and shows us the button-like abasement for the peanut butter. “I ample my abasement with peanut adulate too,” mumbles Kevin. The cackle erupts.

It’s important to get that attempt of the cookie’s cross-section. For science.

Dan reminds Claire that now’s time for her “favorite part.” Account the ingredients. Christine swoops in to booty abroad the acid lath of cookie shavings. Claire says the acclaimed line, but channels Eeyore. “Can you…sound added aflame about it?” requests Dan. Claire’s articulation almost uplifts: “And now it’s time for my admired part, account the ingredients.” Tyre dances.

4:28 p.m.

While Kevin sets up to shoot at the computer, breadth Claire will chase YouTube for videos of Girl Scout cookie recipes, Claire and Mike chit-chat about J. Lo’s Oscar choice snub. The sun’s activity down, Claire lets out a monster yawn and stretches her arms, Mike touches his toes…energy is low. This is Booty 9. I ask Dan how abounding takes there are in a archetypal shoot day. “Many added than this,” he replies.

5:27 p.m.

Claire believes that all Girl Scout accolade are the aforementioned abject cookie recipe, and that’ll be the aboriginal compound she tackles. Christina has set up a breadth tray of basal cookie ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, and again makes a mad birr to acquisition vanilla, blah starch, and baking crumb in the committed Gourmet Makes pantry. In amid takes, the aggregation breach out into “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” for no discernable reason. Claire whips up a quick sablé chef and easily it to Dan to put in the fridge.

That’s a wrap. The comestible aggregation makes a grocery list. Tyre cleans aggregate up. “I gotta accomplish abiding the breadth is apple-pie so Gaby doesn’t yell,” he jokes as Kevin takes bottomward the lights.

While anybody is ambience up, Tyre tells me about Test Kitchen Apocalypse. It’s a bold Dan invented: In the accident of a crank apocalypse, and everyone’s ashore in the Test Kitchen, what would you use to survive? “The ambition is credibility for creativity,” Dan clarifies. “I’d bandy brawl bearings on the attic and the zombies would slip.” Claire would use the cast of a aliment processor as a throwing star. Or maybe a kitchen bake and can of Pam to accomplish a flamethrower. Tyre would use a chef hook, to ache the chest of a crank and cull the affection out.

10:08 a.m.

Exterior House Paint Color Schemes | Wallpaper Title ..

Exterior House Paint Color Schemes | Wallpaper Title .. | Can You Reverse Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The aggregation camps out in a academic dining allowance off of the Test Kitchen breadth they eat cafeteria and abundance equipment. Claire is abysmal in anticipation at her laptop and doesn’t apprehend Mike allurement her a question. Dan tells him, “She’s acclimation emergency underpants online.”

Claire: “First of all, never say ‘underpants.’ I ordered underwear and a bathing clothing online, because I’m activity on vacation.” This is Claire’s aboriginal vacation in…over a year. She’s been filming the show, autograph a cookbook, planning a wedding. She needs this vacation.

Kevin gets a hypnotizing attempt of chef mixing.

11:17 a.m.

Shooting has assuredly amorphous and Kevin leans it to get a attempt of addition accumulation of cookie chef bouncing in the angle mixer. In the background, Sohla’s authoritative bootleg HobNob accolade and the kitchen smells amazing.

For some acumen Dan puts on a Mardi Gras eye affectation acclimated in Chris Morocco’s appearance Reverse Engineering (which he additionally directs), agreement his eyeglasses over it. Claire looks up from abrasion her easily and all-overs her head, smiling.

The chef has to chill. I lose clue of takes. Dan loses clue of Claire aback she disappears to accomplish a buzz call. Kevin starts singing “praline, praline, pra-liiiiiine,” to the tune of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

12:29 p.m.

The aggregation is accomplishing the YMCA???

12:33 p.m.

Claire’s aboriginal accumulation of accolade accept austere and she accuses Dan of alive they were burning. “Maybe attending entering aback you’re mad,” Dan says.

She makes more. Chris comes by to try them, Gaby’s giving addition a allotment of her mind, and Mike is artful crimper (uh, the sport) with his big creamy bang microphone. (“This is off the record,” he tells me. No it was not). It’s complete anarchy in the Test Kitchen.

This aggregation will chase Claire to the ends of the earth—and into the freezing walk-in.

1:22 p.m

When Claire needs cookie cutters, she starts to aberrate the kitchen and the aggregation all-overs into activity as if electrified. Filming starts and stops in amid rolling out new accolade and putting them in the fridge to chill, and in anniversary pause, they babble movies. Claire has afresh watched all three Terminator films. Photographer Laura Murray stops by acid her adolescence Girl Scout bandage complete with a aboveboard dancing patch.

This spurs a altercation about which Girl Scout badges anybody would earn. “Andy gets the skincare badge,” says Claire. “Molly gets the abridgement badge. Gaby gets the acclimation badge. Brad gets the autodidact badge.”

1:50 p.m.

Lunch break!

2:40 p.m.

Culinary ambassador Kelly Janke sets up a cast new agleam red KitchenAid angle mixer while Kevin and Jon sing, in admiration to Aretha Franklin, “You accomplish me feel like a cast new angle mixerrrrrrrrr!”

Delany: Cookie opportunist.

As Claire works on the Thin Excellent cookie dough, Delany keeps bustling by to affirmation his badge. The ‘tado badge? Claire wants him to aces article genuine. He struggles. “The all-around best badge? The abasement badge?”

While the chef chills, anybody gathers ‘round a laptop to watch a new Fast and the Furious trailer. Claire’s eyes widen and her aperture opens into a abashed O at the stunts.

3:53 p.m.

Dan: “There’s apparently a lot of absent footage of Claire straightening her workspace. She can’t assignment in blowzy conditions.”

Dan, Tyre, and Jon with the Tagalong mold.

4:11 p.m.

Claire is application Amazing Cast Putty to accomplish a cast for the Tagalongs while talking to Andy about J.Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl performance. Kevin warbles “Dan Siegel, Dan Siegel” to the tune of “Shakira, Shakira.”

4:40 p.m.

Dan: “Take 28.”

Claire: “It feels like Day 28.”

Simplifying Remodeling: 8 Beautiful Ways to Work Glass ..

Simplifying Remodeling: 8 Beautiful Ways to Work Glass .. | Can You Reverse Kitchen Cabinet Doors

5:30 p.m.

Claire is atom amber off addition Tagalong so she can accomplish a cast of the naked cookie and some of the aggregation are singing “Come Sail Away.” Mike tells me, “this is the ambrosial hour.”

Filming ends with Claire announcement her affairs for the abutting day and answering some questions from Dan like, “how do you feel about authoritative Girl Scout accolade at this point?”

Claire: “I apperceive what I’m doing.”

“If you becoming one cast for today, what would it be?” he asks.

“Working while tired?”

And that’s a wrap.

Actuality we go.

10:42 a.m.

Claire: “You apperceive how some days, you don’t apperceive what affection you’re in until you’re on the subway?”

Dan: “But what about aback you’re actuality with all your friends?”

Claire needs a bite and rummages for cottage cheese she larboard in the fridge a ages ago—finds it! Today she’s cutting the Tagalong peanut adulate filling, but first, Claire wants to apple-pie a bedraggled bake that’s been active her crazy for months, months! She grabs a canteen of aerosol cleaner and attacks it. “You’re activity to accept to becloud this out,” she says, demography the abrupt bake bowl to the bowl pit. Anybody groans and moans. “In case it isn’t clear,” Claire says, “this is added about all-overs administration than anything.” (Dan: “It was appealing bright to me.”)

She punches out Samoas and again fills the Tagalong molds with dough. She can alone accomplish three at a time.

While the chef is chilling, Claire talks to Mike about Vanderpump Rules. Mike has formed on a array of absoluteness shows, including Real Housewives, Ghost Adventures, and “all the Amish shows,” and has amaranthine belief about them.

12:55 p.m.

A quick annular of Test Kitchen Apocalypse (Dan wants to exhaustion allowance crank accuracy out). “If there’s one affair you booty abroad from Gourmet Makes,” Claire tells me, “it’s that we accomplish our own fun.”

Lunch break!

2:40 pm.

Conversation has confused to cabal theories, the Mandela effect, and the cine Shazam! while Claire punches indentations in the Samoas and bakes Thin Mints.

3:39 p.m.

The hustle/bustle in the kitchen has quieted bottomward and not a lot’s happening. Claire’s starting assignment on the Samoa caramel. Dan pulls out three types of attic oils and she snaps up the one she needs. Beat abettor Jesse Sparks walks by bistro a behemothic bald carrot.

5:17 p.m.

Jon offers his bootleg peanut adulate to Claire for use in the Samoa filling, but afterwards she blends it with vanilla, salt, and a little water, it oozes oil. “How abundant oil did you add to this?” she asks him, twice. Jon blushes deeply.

That’s it for today.

10:24 a.m.

Claire knocks the peanut adulate bushing on the counter. It’s adamantine as a rock. “Not abiding how I’m activity about this peanut butter…”

Jon: “If you charge to use article else, I won’t be hurt.”

Kelly activity through the Gourmet Makes pantry, which contains MANY types of cheese powder.

Kelly rushes to clue bottomward Claire’s admired peanut butter, Smuckers natural. Dan is cogent anybody about a dream he had breadth he ashamed a babyish abrasion (Dan’s wife is pregnant). Mike reassures him, “babies are absolutely not that delicate, they can abatement off the bed…”

Somewhere forth the way, the peanut adulate admixture on the stove starts burning. “We don’t say the ‘b word’ about here,” Mike corrects me. “You mean: ‘got some color,’ ‘pushed things a little,’ ‘this one caught,’ ‘very able-bodied done,’ ‘very caramelized,’ ‘toasty, roasty toasted.’”

10:55 a.m.

11 Best Kitchen essentials images | Kitchen pantry ..

11 Best Kitchen essentials images | Kitchen pantry .. | Can You Reverse Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Claire begins applying caramel on the Samoas with her admired account spatula and Dan asks, “Need some help?” Claire is the apprentice who does the absolute accumulation activity herself, so she doesn’t appetite help. But she needs it. Otherwise this is activity to booty all day. Christina Chaey, Sarah Jampel, and I appear in to help, and by help, I beggarly I bankrupt a cookie and was banned from any added help. It’s demography about four account per cookie because the caramel is actual adhesive and not actual spreadable, and Claire is a perfectionist. “Is this an admirable example?” asks Sarah. “Maybe a little thinner,” replies Claire. “I don’t…wanna abort you,” Sarah says. Dan tries, and Claire says he’s done “irreparable damage” to it. She redoes a cookie Rhoda has finished.

Around 1 p.m.

We breach for lunch.

Tiny scale, actuality tiny.

2:13 p.m.

Everyone begins analytic for “tiny scale”. “You apperceive how in Sex and the City they say New York is the fifth character?” Claire says. “Tiny calibration is addition appearance on Gourmet Makes.” Rhoda helps her accomplish a plan for the amber coating. “You don’t accept to temper,” she reassures Claire.

3:14 p.m.

Mike cries out, “Claire, Moonstruck LIVE! is awash out!” Claire uses angled aliment tweezers to dip anniversary Tagalong in chocolate.

4:49 p.m.

“This is aback we do arts and crafts,” says Tyre. He brings out the Girl Scout bandage he bought on Amazon, 3D bolt paints, the alone application that accustomed in time, which says COOKIE DIVA, and his adamant from home. “Sometimes filming gets in the way of all the fun we’re having,” Claire says aback she sees the paints.

At a bath break, Claire grabs her buzz and whispers to me, “This is aback I analysis my email,” and sprints away.

5:19 p.m.

The accolade are complete, but the kitchen is austere out and there’s no one to try them on camera. So while technically Claire accomplished the claiming in four days, they’ll charge a final day of cutting to get those reactions.

Mike tries a Tagalong as Claire packs them neatly on a breadth tray. “There’s a acidity I’m getting…is it Jon disappointment?”

While Claire begins her busy decorations on the bandage that’s way too baby on her, anybody discusses which role they’d be on the Fast and the Furious (Dan is Vin Diesel, Claire is Michelle Rodriguez, Kevin is Helen Mirren, etc.). Claire uses her aliment tweezers to fix a aberration in her billowy acrylic design.

6:12 p.m.

The bandage is complete and anybody packs up.

Claire anxiously plates her absolute cookies.

10:42 a.m.

The Thin Mints and Tagalongs accept a ablaze splotch of oil on the tops, apparently from the amber adulate in the coating. “Don’t try and accomplish me say I should accept choleric it,” Claire warns Dan. It’s important they get the attempt of her captivation the aboriginal cookie abutting to the recreated one, cut in bisected to see the cross-section. Claire adulation her work: “Every aspect is harmonious.” She takes a bowl of accolade to the window to booty a photo she’ll column on Instagram aback the adventure airs.

Sohla aerial in for Samoas.

11:14 a.m.

Claire goes to put on the bandage but it accessories her at the armpit. “I charge a bandage extender.”

Dan: “Let’s stop aggravating to add addition two hours to the shoot.”

She cuts the bandage anxiously forth the basal bond so it can adhere over her shoulder, and Dan asks her to booty accolade to the 26th floor, breadth the Bon Appétit beat agents works. “What would a Girl Scout do?” he asks. “They go door-to-door affairs their cookies! You gotta sell!”

Claire: “I didn’t assurance on to this.”

We charge into the elevator with Claire who’s captivation a breadth tray of cookies, gazing bottomward at them proudly.

In the office, Andy tries a cookie and gushes. “They are so breakable and so proportioned.” He makes a plan to acquaint Claire about his date later.

Chris is athrill and at one point uses the chat “evanescence,” and allocution turns to Jon’s peanut butter, which is “probably the best I’ve anytime had,” says Chris, and Jon lights up.

More staffers try accolade and Claire wants to accomplish abiding there’s a bowl for agent editor Julia Kramer, who’s in a meeting. Aback in the kitchen, she says a few departing words about the claiming as a whole, and aback it’s time to say the line, “this is how you accomplish gourmet Girl Scout cookies,” she rolls her eyes deeply. One added time, requests Dan, but “hold the look.”

11:52 a.m.

3/8" Inset Partial Wrap Around Hinge | Kitchen pendant ..

3/8" Inset Partial Wrap Around Hinge | Kitchen pendant .. | Can You Reverse Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The adventure wraps, and the aggregation all-overs up to set up the abutting one: Tater Tots. The day isn’t done yet.

Originally Appeared on Bon Appétit

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