Types and Meaning of Color for Home Interior Design

Meaning of Color for Home Interior Design

Color can actually change a person's mood. Color can make people calm or angry suddenly. In fact, sometimes colors can cause feelings of sadness.

Even so, there are still many people who don't seem to care much about the effects of color for the interior of their homes.

Color selection recommendations cannot be done arbitrarily, especially in interior design because this is closely related to the atmosphere of the room. Color selection should also be adjusted to the owner's personality.

Therefore, you have to plan very well the choice of interior paint colors, as well as the concept and style of interior design wisely to create the desired atmosphere of the room.

The Meaning of Color

Therefore, it is important for you to recognize various colors and their meanings.

1. Black and white

Some people argue that white is the absence of all colors. While black is the presence of all colors.

However, science has a further explanation. Science explains that objects appear white if rough surfaces reflect different wavelengths at the same strength. While, black means that the object absorbs all wavelengths rather than reflecting it.

2. Basic Colors: Red, Yellow and Blue.

Combining these colors (red, yellow, and blue) can produce other colors. However, you will never get the main color from a mixture of other colors.

Type of Color Scheme

Another thing you should know is the type and color scheme. You also need to recognize different types of color schemes to get the right color mix.

1.  Complementary color scheme

These are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, or yellow and purple. Complementary colors are usually used as accents in small amounts.

2. Triadic color scheme

Triadic color schemes are color schemes that form triangles on a color wheel such as yellow, blue and red, or other colors such as orange, green, and purple. Triadic colors are usually used as accents but you have to measure it carefully and really balanced, otherwise the color will dominate the room.

3. Analog color scheme

Analog color schemes are groups of colors that are right next to each other in colors like red and orange.

4. Monochromatic color scheme

The monochromatic color scheme is a color scheme that uses only one color. This monochromatic color scheme that keeps the room simple.

5. Cool and warm color scheme

To create a cool and warm atmosphere in the room this color scheme is very suitable to be applied. Colors like green and purple can create a cool atmosphere in the room. While the colors red, orange, yellow, and pink can create a sense of warmth.

Color Recommendation for the Best Room Atmosphere 

Color can create a mood, then what kind of color can be used as a reference to create the best atmosphere of the room?

Here are some choices of interior paint colors that can be used as a reference to create the best atmosphere of the room:

1. Dark color choices

Dark colors produce instant effects, create perspectives, and form the basis for more prominent colors. Dark colors express authority, elegant and strong.

2. Bright colors

Bright colors can be used as a stimulus. Bright colors are always associated with energy, passion and vitality.

3. Neutral color

Neutral color is the most popular color. This color can give the effect of enthusiasm and calmness. This color is also a counterweight, and it can reflect the atmosphere of a calm environment.

4. White color

White color is considered able to give the impression of safe, pure and plain. The white color creates a fresh and simple impression, and peaceful inclusions that show harmony.

5. Pastel Color

Pastel colors create a soft and feminine impression. This color can cause calm, openness, and relaxation in the room.

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