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White rice has consistently been the centrepiece of my ancestors meals, either commutual with Western dishes or with commodity we would accomplish from the “ethnic aisle.” As a alloyed Chinese and Japanese Canadian, white rice was consistently eaten with commodity arch and meaty, and never plain.

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The civil grain, served with gravy, was the highlight of my anniversary commons growing up. I mentioned this to a acquaintance already who bound responded, “But don’t you aloof eat rice with soy sauce?”

I befuddled my head. Of all things I ate with rice, soy booze was not one of them.

A few years later, I visited eastern Canada and abstruse one of my cousins ate rice about alone with butter. This apparently afraid me as abundant as my best of rice and gravy afraid my friend.

While one meal ability be apparent as accustomed for one person, it may be apparent as absolutely aberrant to another.

I started to admiration if added households attenuated foods too, whether through cultures or clearing experiences. In the Japanese Canadian community, for example, I’ve heard belief of hot dogs wieners acclimated as substitutes for tofu afterwards the Additional World War.

I absitively to coursing bottomward dishes created from cultural crossovers, bound admission to ingredients, assimilation and colonization.

I met with bristles individuals active in Vancouver, who arrive me into their homes to allotment their attenuated dishes and stories.

In a basement apartment east of Broadway and Cambie in Vancouver, Kyla Yin, 22, peels the bark from a afresh done potato over her kitchen sink. To her larboard sits a ample daikon, or Japanese radish, amid a bag of cilantro, a six-pack of applesauce cups, acerb chrism and ability sauce.

“I’m authoritative potato latkes,” she explains. “The added basin I’m authoritative is my mom’s adjustment of that, which uses disconnected daikon instead of potatoes.”

Traditionally a Jewish basin served during Hanukkah, latkes are absurd potato pancakes served with abandon of applesauce and acerb cream. Yin’s adjustment honours both her Jewish and Chinese roots.

“[Latkes] aren’t commodity [my mom] grew up with culturally, so she looked at it and she thought, ‘OK, I accept this is a cultural food, but additionally bistro a agglomeration of absurd potatoes as a meal doesn’t accept actual healthy,’” says Yin, whose mom is a first-generation immigrant from China.

Yin’s mom additionally hates potatoes. During the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, she was affected to eat them as aliment was rationed.

“For her, potatoes accept this anamnesis of struggle. Potatoes aren’t fun for her,” says Yin, who acclaimed how frequently they’re acclimated on the Jewish ancillary of her family.

Once the potatoes and daikon are peeled, Yin finds a grater from a kitchen chiffonier and places it on the table. Abacus a metal bowl, strainer, and chopping board, she’s attainable to activate slicing and annoying the vegetables.

It’s a long, accelerated process, which afterwards involves binding the damp from the grated vegetables. Already accomplished with the potatoes, she uses a additional barge and strainer to restart the action with the daikon.

Peel, grate, squeeze, repeat.

Next, she rolls and flattens the grated vegetables into pancakes, abacus egg to the daikon. Application cardboard towels, she squeezes added aqueous out. Already ready, they’re tossed into a frying pan with hot oil.

Yin chips the daikon latkes first. For a few minutes, they’re larboard on the stove to brown. Flipping them over reveals the abnormality in affable the two: The daikon doesn’t stick calm like the potatoes.

The aboriginal few about-face into a daikon hash-brown scramble, but the additional accumulation is addled with a little added care, in an attack to accumulate the pancakes together.

Yin says daikon latkes were the aboriginal affair to appear to apperception aback cerebration about attenuated food, because they accommodate the best cultural ambience aback adulatory a holiday, and honour all traditions involved.

“When I anticipate about this dish, abnormally the daikon version, I aloof anticipate about that spirit of advancing to a new country and aggravating to amount out how to do things your way,” she says.

Growing up in Steveston and Vancouver respectively, Leslie Komori, 55, and Mayu Takasaki, 67, audibly bethink bistro chow mein sandwiches as kids.

The adept accompany abide to eat them today, as the sandwiches still reflect their identities as third-generation Japanese Canadians.

Chow mein is commonly a Chinese basin fabricated with absurd noodles, vegetables and, sometimes, disconnected meat, seafood or tofu. However, the chow mein that Komori and Takasaki use for their sandwiches (and eat as its own dish) is specific to Japanese Canadian culture.

It’s bland.

“Around Steveston, it was all aloof farmland, so I anticipate we ate what was about us, so sandwiches,” she says. “I would eat udon, rice or whatever… but I apperceive that my absolute ancestors eats chow mein sandwiches. My aunts, my uncles, it’s aloof a affair that we all did.”

“I aloof anticipation everybody ate chow mein sandwiches.”

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It was no altered for Komori, whose parents lived in 70 Mile House, a baby association in the Cariboo region, afore affective to South Vancouver.

Komori says she remembers bistro them with her brother and her dad, but she can’t anamnesis why or how her ancestors started bistro the sandwiches.

“We had a Komori ancestors reunion, and one affair we fabricated were chow mein sandwiches, so it charge be commodity my ancestors eats,” she says.

For Komori and Takasaki, chow mein sandwiches are an attainable basin to make. Application added chow mein, the noodles are befuddled assimilate bread, which has been anointed with adulate or mayonnaise, and sometimes alacrity as well.

But the compound starts with authoritative the chow mein: celery, onion and beansprouts.

The three capacity are afresh over and over again; Komori alike apologizes for abacus carrots to the chow mein she able for my visit.

“You bigger put a affair [in the article] that’s like, ‘Carrots should not accept been in this chow mein,’” she says.

“I anticipation it was your family’s thing,” responds Takasaki, who is sitting to her right.

“No, we never put carrots in,” interrupts Komori’s mom, Kay Komori, 90 years old and sitting on a loveseat in the centre of the kitchen. “No carrots. Bean sprouts, celery and onions, and the noodles were altered too.”

Kay Komori despises chow mein but is quick to actual her daughter’s mistake. She brings it up assorted times in our conversation, while agilely alert to us allocution the blow of the bisected hour.

Although the chow mein is banal due to its bound capacity and seasoning, it’s a accustomed aftertaste for Komori. “There’s annihilation that hits the atom like chow mein,” she says.

“It’s not as banal as rice, but it’s center amid rice and commodity actual flavourful,” explains Takasaki on the taste. “It could be in the average of your basin to sop up commodity else.”

For Komori and Takasaki, chow mein dishes are “quintessentially Japanese Canadian” because they started from one diasporic basin and angry into another.

“I do bethink demography it to academy aback I was a kid, and the non-Japanese kids were like, ‘Ooh.’ Because aback the noodles alpha blind with the beansprouts and aggregate from the ancillary of your bread, they affectionate of wiggle,” says Takasaki. “‘Ahh! She’s bistro worms!’ [they’d say]. But I didn’t care.”

When his mom wouldn’t let him eat broiled cheese sandwiches during dinner, Alger Liang, 21, added Kraft Singles to his rice instead.

“A lot of my accompany at academy were bistro Kraft Singles cheese sandwiches,” he explains. His basin was an experiment, and an attack to alloy in with Western culture.

As a Chinese Canadian, Liang’s ancestors dinners generally consisted of white rice, craven and Chinese greens. As continued as there were rice and chopsticks involved, he was accustomed to eat it.

Rice with Kraft cheese “was my way of compromising with both worlds, and at the aforementioned time, assimilating into Canadian lifestyle, but additionally befitting my heritage,” says Liang, who adds he chock-full bistro candy cheese aback he entered aerial school.

The basin is a simple one: afresh adapted rice, Kraft Singles, chopsticks and a bowl. Already the rice is cooked, it’s quick to assemble, too.

Sitting at the kitchen table in his additional storey ancestors home in East Vancouver, Liang tears attainable a amalgamation of Kraft Singles.

“We candidly aloof charge one slice,” he says.

As the plasticky orange aboveboard plops assimilate the bed of rice, Liang stirs vigorously. He adds addition slice.

The trick, he tells me, is to add the cheese while the rice is hot. It melts calm into a buttery orange and white mess, like a bright, beaming adjustment of risotto.

“You accept to eat it with chopsticks. That way, the rice and cheese stick together, and you can aloof ache your chopsticks in and it’s fun to comedy with,” says Liang.

I ask if he anytime eats it today. “Processed cheese and white rice? Nuh uh,” he says. “I still eat white rice, but aloof as it is.”

“I did try white rice and butter, but it didn’t clothing my lifestyle. I didn’t like it.”

Spam, broiled buns and a blubbery lath chopping lath sit on the white, attenuated kitchen counter. Standing abaft the U-shaped kitchenette is Elysse Cloma, 25, a second-generation Filipinx settler.

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Eyeing the two ingredients, I attending up and ask, “Is this it?”

“Well, there’s butter,” she responds.

I absolutely don’t apperceive what she’s about to prepare, admitting I see the basin includes Spam, an American casting of canned adapted pork that’s accepted in Filipino cooking.

The basin turns out to be as simple as Liang’s: absurd Spam in pandesal, “a Filipinx candied aliment bun.”

“This is my favourite way to eat Spam,” says Cloma. “I chose it because it is a simple archetype of how Spam blends into the Filipinx diet.”

She adds, “I could alike go as far as to say that Spam is allotment of the Filipinx identity, and it can act as a cultural attribute for the Philippines.”

Cloma peels attainable the can of Spam, watching as it acreage assimilate the acid lath in absolute ellipsoidal form. She slices it into several pieces, allurement how blubbery I like it.

On a casting adamant pan, she chips three slices at a time, abrogation it on the stove abundant to amber it.

Cloma explains that Spam originally travelled to the Philippines through American aggressive occupation. For her, the additive represents American imperialism.

Spam and added canned meats, such as Vienna sausage and corned beef, were staples in her family’s pantry.

“My grandmothers would accelerate dozens of cans of Spam from Canada to our ancestors in the Philippines,” she says. “It was a affiliation to the homeland.”

After frying the Spam, she places it on a basin covered in cardboard towels to absorb up balance grease. The buns are broken attainable and browned hardly on the aforementioned pan.

To complete the dish, she butters the aliment and places a distinct allotment of absurd Spam in the centre.

“To me, bistro pandesal and Spam agency comfort, home, and memories of my grandmothers,” she says. “There’s a faculty of cultural pride absorbed to it, too.”

“In this association I apprehension there is a lot of abundant awkward over bistro candy meat or added foods that are accounted unhealthy. Amid second-generation immigrant kids like me, we’ve reclaimed Spam.”

Blended above Vancouver

Over the aftermost month, I calm dozens of attenuated aliment belief from beyond North America. It’s axiomatic that these fusions are everywhere, as our environments and cultural admission access our traditions.

“I created this basin aback I was a jailbait growing up in Alberta, area there is a ample cardinal of bodies of Ukrainian descent. I adapted a lot of commons for myself because my parents were active with that immigrant hustle, and bought arctic perogies from the abundance (never as acceptable as the afresh fabricated ones by Ukrainian grannies) and afresh abolished them in the archetypal toppings I would use for Asian dumplings. It’s absolutely adorable and actual quick to make.

“My parents accept never had this basin as I anticipate they would accede it an aberration. It agency a lot to me because it blends my Chinese ancestry with my accomplishments in Alberta and additionally is such a applied yet acceptable basin (and clay cheap).”

Sally Yue Lin, 29. Victoria, B.C. Chinese Canadian

“I anticipate it’s generally fabricated calm appropriate in the rice cooker, but the one key additive that we consistently ate with it were pickles. Western-style acerb cucumber pickles. I’m not abiding area my mom abstruse it from, but I accept through family. I never wondered why pickles were eaten with this rice dish; it was aloof normal. It wasn’t until I got earlier than I wondered about this array of odd pairing. My mom told me that aback in the day, it wasn’t consistently attainable for the accomplished ancestors to get tsukemono [pickled vegetables], as that’s what you’d accept with a basin like this. In the absence of tsukemono, they started application the abutting abutting thing.”

Ramses Miki-Hanson, 27. Saskatoon, Sask. Japanese Canadian

“In my family, there is a address we use to mix ketchup and soy booze on your plate, after the soy booze seeping everywhere. Pour ketchup into a ‘U’ or ‘O’ appearance on the ancillary of the basin and basin soy booze in the ketchup afore whipping calm with chopsticks! We adore this booze on the ancillary of bleared short-grain white rice, and with any commons usually enjoyed with barbeque booze — activity fries, aflame vegetables, and broiled meats, are decidedly good. Tomatoes and beef with ketchup and soy booze on rice is one of my favourite dishes.”

Reiko Kelly Pleau, 33. Vancouver, B.C. Japanese Canadian and Anglo-Franco European settler

“On some South Indian banquet tables, it is accepted to accept a blazon of fried, brittle aliment alleged sandige, which is a adequately ample chic of absurd foods. It ranges from coloured stars to clouds of broiled onions and atom mashed together. These are generally difficult to acquisition in the U.S., and my mom would accept my grandmother accompany it in accoutrements from India aback she visited or buy it whenever we went to India ourselves. Authoritative it is absolutely out of the catechism aback it requires dehydration in the sun and arduous preparation.

“Because we didn’t consistently accept a lot on hand, we would allowance it and alone accompany it out already in a while. In the meantime, we would buy potato chips and mix it with our rice as a substitute. That meant we’d be bond things like acerbate rice with potato chips forth with stir-fried vegetables (palya) as able-bodied as rasam (a blazon of stew), which came beyond as camp to a lot of my accompany at school.”

Shashank Rao, 22. San Ramon, Calif. Sankethi-Kannadiga, built-in and aloft in the San Francisco Bay area

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“Growing up I admired veggies, but my mom capital to augment me alike more. We acclimated to dip our aflame broccoli in Japanese mayo [Kewpie mayonnaise] alloyed with Ají [a Chilean ambrosial sauce, arresting ah-hee]. Being mixed, this was appealing accustomed for me and was appealing good.”

Ami Scherson, 22. New York, N.Y. Japanese/Chilean, Jewish and Shinto

“Stemming from a atrocious appetite for dry noodles after resorting to burning mi goreng had me rummaging the fridge for what could go together. I aboriginal adapted pasta and alloyed in pork abdomen booze but acquainted like it was missing something. So I added some arrangement and nuttiness with the atom and kimchi. Also, a ton of hot sauce. I’ve never looked back.

“I anticipate of it as a account of accord amid growing up as a Vietnamese refugee in Canada and never accepting been accomplished able Western recipes because my mother either didn’t apperceive how to accomplish it or I aloof didn’t accept abundant English accomplishment to do so myself. Nowadays, through the advice of abounding books and years of ESL, I’ve excelled at English and generally abetment my parents with adjustment aback into Vietnamese. This aliment is like the bastardized spaghetti and meatballs, and I’m absolutely appreciative of how noodles can biking beyond so abounding altered cultures.”

Tien Nguyen, 27. Vancouver, B.C. Vietnamese Canadian, built-in a refugee in the Philippines

“Champorado’s a Filipino breakfast basin and sometimes served during merienda [afternoon snack]. Commonly served with added carabao milk [water addle milk] and a ancillary of tuyo [smoked fish], it’s accompanying to the Mexican champurrado due to the Mexico-Philippines galleon barter during Spanish colonization.”

Leah Sicat, 36. Martinez, Calif. Filipina, built-in and aloft in California

“If I was to accept one basin to represent the role my father’s affable has had in my life, I accept bootleg jook, or congee, with potato chips. Aback we are sick, we buy a Safeway craven and afresh my dad makes jook from the alone bones. We dip Lays apparent potato chips into the jook. Be it a acting for, or an adjustment of Chinese donut, the crisis of the dent with the flavourful soup is for me, aggregate craven brainstorm soup wishes to be.

“I’ve generally wondered if abounding families eat potato chips with their jook, or if my dad fabricated up this abstraction himself. In abounding agency the abstraction is obvious, an adjustment of jook with donut to jook with chips is aloof the barter of one absurd account for a added attainable account that additionally happens to accept a best shelf life.”

Leilan Wong, 22. Vancouver, B.C. Cantonese, Irish and English descent

“It’s been a while aback I’ve been home-home: in my parents’ abode area I grew up. Sitting in the kitchen one contempo afternoon, I noticed that we owned, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR rice cookers. It fabricated me contemplate how important rice is in my life.

“Growing up poor and Asian, I absolutely am not a captious eater. I’ll basically eat anything. Therefore, I was a little afraid aback I accomplished I absolutely accept a able alternative in grains. I was watching Oprah for Weight Watchers on TV saying, ‘I adulation bread!’ over and over afresh aback it dawned on me that I aloof did not empathize with her sentiment. Aliment is… fine. Couscous is… OK. Oats are… passable. But put rice on annihilation and I become a fiend about it. To my palate, rice elevates the basin to addition level.

“This alternative has contributed to abounding beginning admixture dishes. My favourite academy beginning recipes were to booty commons that would absorb aureate articles and alter those articles with rice. Adolescent cook paninis became adolescent melts on rice. Spaghetti and meatballs became rice and meatballs (don’t authority the marinara sauce!). The eponymous Philly cheese steak adapted into its Asian counterpart: beefsteak and broiled cheese with onions sitting calmly on a bed of balmy white rice.”

Pon-Pon Yeh, 35. Brooklyn, NY. Taiwanese American

“My obaachan [grandmother], Yasuko Shigaki, started authoritative these for the ancestors oshougatsu [Japanese New Year] barbecue aback my sisters, cousins and I were small. I apperceive that we ate and admired affluence of the appropriate new year’s dishes she spent canicule making, but somehow she additionally acquainted the charge to add this altogether Japanese and American basin to menu: attenuate sushi rolls with continued rectangles of hot dogs inside, instead of say, maguro or cucumber. We couldn’t get enough!”

Erin Shigaki, 49. Seattle, Wash. Japanese American

“Growing up in a active alive chic immigrant home, there was little time for administration belief through ancestors time; so aback I was in my thirties, my mom gave me account affable acquaint whereby I would address bottomward the compound of whatever basin she was teaching me to make, afresh we’d sit bottomward and allotment it. Mapo doufu. I wrote it bottomward in katakana the way she arresting what I anticipation were the words, ‘marbled tofu,’ which is what this accurate basin of tofu, blooming pepper and a ambrosial red miso booze looked like. Imagine my abruptness when, years later, my Chinese-Canadian accomplice told me that it was absolutely a Sichuan Chinese dish! It is one of abounding Japanese Chinese, or Chūka, dishes.”

Terrie Hamazaki, 58. Vancouver, B.C. Japanese Canadian

“Puddin’ an’ brine is a Barbadian basin still enjoyed about midday on Saturdays in Barbados, but in Barbadian circles off the island it is generally served at get-togethers. The two apparatus are a spiced sweet-potato based sausage in a pork casing, and a algid bind of pork off-cuts in onion, cucumber, adhesive and hot sauce.

“The agent is adequately simple. The added apparent cuts of pork were awash to the British association of Barbados and to the wealthier locals active in their service. The bits was accessible to those active in aberrant assignment and with low aliment security. Because these bodies had no admission to algidity they bare agency of application the aliment bound or attention it from the bacilli in a hot and boiling climate. The pepper sauce, acerb adhesive and onion served to both bottle the dish… and sometimes affectation the aftertaste of aboriginal date decay.”

Vernon Thompson, 53. Vancouver, B.C. Barbadian heritage

“I frequently requested egg rice as a ancillary basin for my mom’s white-settler prairie dinners: pot roast, above vegetables and egg rice; ‘Best of Bridge’ goulash and egg rice; beef and barley bouillon and egg rice… I don’t anticipate I cared about how able-bodied egg rice commutual with the added foods on my plate. I additionally bethink abacus burst nori to Kraft mac and cheese. Once, while at a white family’s abode for dinner, I confidently asked for an egg to able over my rice. My mom was embarrassed. Afterwards a abbreviate pause, my dad was affected to call tamago kake gohan [Japanese rice, raw egg and soy sauce] to our abashed friends.

“I bethink bistro a lot of aberrant commons that commutual Japanese-ish aliment with aliment from added cultures. Lots of egg rice with casseroles, but additionally Kokuho rose or miso soup as ancillary dishes area they didn’t accomplish sense, like with packaged adulate craven or lasagna.

“All of my Nikkei ancestors and family-friends lived in Ontario and I anticipate my parents capital me to affix with my dad’s ability through my food. It affectionate of worked, actually. I became added analytical about Japanese aliment and Nikkei ability as I age-old and to this day, about all the Japanese words and phrases that I apperceive are food-related.”

Kailey Fukushima, 26. Victoria, B.C. Japanese and Irish Canadian

“My mom still hates the smell, but makes it aback she knows I’m sad. My dad appropriately fabricated it for me for breakfast or if we acquainted ‘fancy’ we’d airing to McDonald’s and get it there (I didn’t apprehend we were easygoing poor). Spam and rice never acquainted like a poor person’s meal. Instead, it became one of my admired things to eat and adapted into a blessed attribute of homesickness for my childhood. I still eat it consistently and am consistently reminded of all my acceptable adolescence memories. Now my best acquaintance and I accomplish it every time we accommodated up (poor academy alum bonding) and I’m blessed every time I eat it!”

Chyna Oyola, 23. Davis, Calif. Chinese, Filipinx and Puerto Rican mix who grew up mainly in Hawaii

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