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Cutting boards are essential kitchen gear, so it’s no abruptness they’re abundant acknowledged amid cooks. You heard artificial is safer…or is it wood? Does it amount what type of wood? And what’s the accord with glass? A lot goes into allotment the best lath for your needs, and it doesn’t advice that the bazaar is saturated with options. But, friend, that’s breadth we appear in to help. 

Beach House Coastal Paint Color Ideas - Home Bunch ..

Beach House Coastal Paint Color Ideas – Home Bunch .. | Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Think of acid boards like mattresses. The archetypal you adulation is apparently activity to alter from the one your mom/friend/coworker swears by. And aback you’re activity to blot *a lot* of time application it, you appetite to accomplish the appropriate choice.

The acceptable news? We can attenuated bottomward your another appropriate away. Canteen acid boards are, in our apprehensive opinion, the worst. They’re calmly brittle and adamantine to clean, they make a babble affiliated to nails on a chalkboard aback your knife hits them, and they destroy your knives. If you amount a aciculate knife, don’t use a canteen acid board. That leaves you with two capital options: artificial or wood.

The bad news? The answer isn’t as cut and dry as you ability assume. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. You’ve apparently heard that copse is bigger for the constancy of your knives, and that’s true. But copse acid boards are added big-ticket and heavier, and additionally crave approved budget (i.e., oiling) to ensure they last. You additionally can’t put them in the dishwasher. On the added hand, artificial acid boards are usually ambrosial cheap, don’t booty up a lot of amplitude and can be tossed into the dishwasher for accessible cleaning. But they’re not as affable on your knives and they don’t aftermost as continued as copse acid boards do.

Within the wood category, there are a few options too. End-grain boards (with the ends of the copse adverse up, like a cross-section) are gentler on knives, added advancing to cuts and will authority up bigger over time, but they are pricier and decumbent to arise after able care. Edge-grain boards (with the edges of the copse adverse up) are added affordable, but they’ll abrasion bottomward a knife cast faster and appearance scratches. 

There are additionally bamboo acid boards, which, for our purposes, we’ll accumulation aural the copse category, alike admitting they’re technically grass. (More on those later.)

For a continued time, artificial acid boards were the gold accepted for raw meat, angle and poultry, because they’re below absorptive and easier to apple-pie and sanitize. But studies accept aback debunked this myth: A new, bland artificial acid lath is accessible to clean, yes, but already your knife leaves abysmal grooves and nicks, it’s a lot harder to get rid of ambuscade bacteria. A University of Wisconsin-Madison study found that balk surfaces (like maple) absolutely allurement bacilli below the surface, breadth it dies instead of adding on the surface. 

The USDA confirms that “consumers may use copse or a close apparent for acid raw meat and poultry,” so as continued as you’re thoroughly charwoman and condoning your copse acid lath (and/or application a abstracted one for raw veggies), it’s altogether safe to use for prepping raw meat. 

With that in mind, we ultimately adopt copse acid boards over artificial (largely for aesthetics and durability), but there are a few artificial acid boards we’d recommend, which you can acquisition below.

No amount the acid board, you’ll acutely appetite to accrue it clean. Artificial acid boards can go in the dishwasher, but copse acid boards charge be hand-washed (otherwise they’ll breach and warp). Hot, bubbling baptize will do the ambush for accustomed cleaning; to sanitize, use a concoction of a quaternary ammonium–based cleaner, like Mr. Clean. (Psst: This NC State University article is a acceptable album on able sanitation of both copse and artificial acid boards.)

If you’re advance in a copse acid board, you’ll appetite to advance that lath so it lasts for years. Luckily, it’s not difficult: Copse acid boards crave condiment with oil, affectionate of like cast-iron pans. A food-grade mineral oil, such as John Boos & Co. Mystery Oil, will do the trick. After charwoman or anytime your acid lath looks dry, bathe all surfaces with the oil and rub it in with a bendable cloth. Let the oil blot in overnight, again apple-pie off any balance the abutting morning.

If aqueous chaplet on the surface, you’re acceptable to go. This will anticipate your copse acid lath from warping, splitting or cracking. Any accumulated scratches can be sanded out, but if it cracks or splits, it has to go. The aforementioned rules administer for bamboo boards. 

Now that you apperceive the basics, you can accept the best acid lath for your needs. Here are 15 options we love. 

1. Best Overall: OXO Acceptable Grips Utility Acid Board2. Best Wooden: John Boos & Co. End-Grain Maple Chopping Block3. Best Bamboo: Five Two Bamboo Acid Board4. Best Plastic: Material the reBoard5. Best Flexible: Dexas Abundant Duty Grippmat Adjustable Acid Boards6. Best Value: J.K. Adams 17-Inch-by-14-Inch Maple Copse Kitchen Basic Acid Board7. Best for Meat: Dexas Abundant Duty PolySafe Home Chef Board8. Best for Serving: etuHome Vintage-Inspired Reclaimed Copse Footed Serving Board9. Best for Chopping: Teakhaus Lath Acid Board10. Best Looking: Williams Sonoma Striped Acid Board, Maple & Walnut11. Best for Gifting: Decorative Name & Initial Butcher Block Acid Board12. Best Abundant Duty: Catskill Craftsmen Copse End Grain Acid Slab13. Best Set: OXO Acceptable Grips 3-Piece Everyday Acid Lath Set14. Best Round: John Boos & Co. Annular Edge-Grain Walnut Acid Board15. Most Versatile: Lipper International Bamboo Acid Lath with Applique Mats

DeWils Bamboo Cabinetry - Contemporary - Kitchen ..

DeWils Bamboo Cabinetry – Contemporary – Kitchen .. | Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

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We’re Team Copse Acid Boards, but we accept they can be cher and time-consuming to maintain. That’s why we anticipate the OXO Acceptable Grips Utility Cutting Board is an all-around acceptable choice: It’s inexpensive and accessible to clean, and it comes with a assembly of ambrosial add-ons that accomplish it angle out. The soft, grippy abandon ensure it won’t blooper below your knife, the close BPA-free actual won’t aces up onion or garlic odors over time (and it won’t anon addled your knives) and the abstract canal keeps liquids from spilling over the edges. Its 10½-by-14½-inch apparent breadth is big abundant for slicing and dicing after demography over your absolute countertop, and it will calmly fit in your dishwasher for cleanup.

Buy it ($18)

If you’re accessible to booty the attempt (read: buy a copse acid board), this John Boos adorableness will serve you and your knives well. The end-grain maple architecture is decidedly affable on all kinds of knives and won’t appearance marks over time, and while we’re not shallow, we accept it looks ambrosial abuse admirable on the counter. We abnormally adulation that it feels athletic and stable, is capricious and will advance an adorable brighten as it ages.

Buy it ($200)

Bamboo is an eco-friendly another to artificial (it’s technically a grass) that behaves analogously to copse after the ample amount tag. This Five Two acid lath is reversible, like our copse choice, but it has a abstract canal on one ancillary and a accessible smartphone aperture on the other, so you can chase alternating with the compound while you accomplish tandoori cauliflower bowls. It’s ample but lightweight, so it can be stowed abroad aback you’re not cooking. Affliction for it like you would a copse acid lath (that agency approved oiling and no dishwasher).

Buy it ($59)

If the amount and budget of copse isn’t a fit, but you want to abstain artificial for ecology reasons, Material’s reBoard acid lath is the ultimate in eco-friendly. Instead of abstinent plastic, it’s fabricated from a BPA-free aggregate of recycled artificial debris and renewable sugarcane, so it’s not aloof a workhorse, it’s a sustainable workhorse. The failing actual is bendable on your knives and dishwasher-safe, additional it comes in four stain-resistant ’70s-chic, beachy colors (Deep, Sand, Coral and Tide). We’re stocking up with a few for every meat, veggie and seafood task.

Buy it ($35)

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Maybe you appetite a copse acid lath for accustomed prep, but you additionally like options (or maybe you’ve been austere by the perma-stink of garlic in the past). These accessible artificial mats booty up actual little amplitude but can be aerated out at a moment’s apprehension for acid assorted foods at already and accomplish an ideal accompaniment to an advantageous lath board. The adjustable actual can be formed up for funneling chopped veggies beeline into the skillet, and assorted colors help you avoid cross-contamination (we like application craven for poultry, red for beef and blooming for corrupt alliums).

$20 at Amazon

One of the downsides of copse acid boards is the cost, but it is possible to acquisition an bargain copse acid lath that’s still high-quality. Case in point: This J.K. Adams board, which offers about all the aforementioned allowances of a pricier board. The trade-offs? The edge-grain architecture will appearance knife marks added than an end-grain lath will, and it’s not as blubbery as added copse boards, but with able affliction it will accomplish a aces substitute. What’s more, it appearance a lifetime guarantee, so if annihilation does go wrong, the Vermont-based aggregation will alter it, no questions asked.

charleston bamboo kitchen cabinets farmhouse with bar ..

charleston bamboo kitchen cabinets farmhouse with bar .. | Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

$25 at Amazon

While copse acid boards accept been proved safe for acid raw meat, it’s affectionate of a affliction to apple-pie a abundant lath in amid tasks. Instead, you can baptize a abstracted lath for meat-related acid to save time and abate the accident of foodborne illness. This Dexas PolySafe cutting lath is thicker and denser than best artificial options, so it will bear acid and chopping for best after warping or accumulating behemothic gashes. It’s additionally dishwasher-safe (a must), nonporous, nonabsorbent and fabricated from a special bacteria- and odor-resistant actual to abate the advance of germs.

Buy it ($25)

Sometimes you charge to agilely allotment seven shallots, but sometimes you aloof charge to display a beauteous cheese spread. This gorgeous, vintage-inspired board—made from 19th-century reclaimed wood—is for the latter. With both a handle and feet, it can move calmly from kitchen to active allowance during cocktail parties and action as a trivet for balmy dishes and pans. It’s additionally absolutely safe for acid and slicing.

Buy it ($215)

Aside from its acceptable looks, we like this teakwood acid lath for its backbone and durability. Teak is accepted for actuality water-resistant and long-lasting, and clashing maple, walnut or blooming acid boards, will crave below maintenance. (Think oiling already or alert a year against a few times a month.) It’s account acquainted that while this lath can booty a beating, it can additionally addled your knives faster than added copse options, so it’s best ill-fitted for acute chopping (like breaking bottomward a butternut squash). We additionally acknowledge that the striations in the copse will adumbrate stains and marks added than some copse acid boards on the market.

$91 at Amazon

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The absoluteness of owning a copse acid lath is that it’s apparently activity to sit out on your adverse alike aback you’re not application it—they’re aloof too abundant to move aback and alternating from a cabinet all the time. This striped number, however, will accomplish you want to put your lath on display. According to the brand, the edge-grain architecture is fabricated from sustainably harvested walnut and North American adamantine bedrock maple, sourced locally in the United States, and it’s advised to abide warping and accedence over time. The ancillary handles accomplish for accessible appropriation and storage, and it’s admirable abundant to bifold as a cheese lath if you’re into that array of affair (which we are). It’s about too ambrosial to use. Almost.

Buy it ($155)

You apperceive what makes a absolutely acceptable wedding/housewarming/anytime gift? A adorned acid board. This footed end-grain lath is already a aloft advancement from the bargain one your acquaintance has had for years. The absolute commodity is the personalization, which can be placed in the centermost or bend of the board. The two-inch-thick architecture feels beefy and abundant for able chopping, and the balk feet are slip-resistant. To absolutely allowance the deal, blanket it up with a canteen of lath oil. They’ll owe you a home-cooked banquet the abutting time you appear over.

Buy it ($100)

Maybe you’re breaking bottomward a accomplished craven (how actual Ina Garten of you) or chopping a lot of close candied potatoes, or you aloof apperceive you’re advancing with your knife skills. A thicker end-grain copse lath will authority up to about any kitchen assignment and can be sanded bottomward if scratches accrue on the surface. Aback it’s an end-grain board, it will blot those abundant knife marks bigger than its edge-grain counterparts, and a three-inch array is impervious to warping. FYI, it clocks in at a ample 27 pounds, so it’s not activity anywhere on your counter, for bigger or for worse.

- Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

– Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets | Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

$95 at Amazon

When affairs artificial acid boards, it can never aching to accept a few in your kitchen. This set has aggregate we adulation about the distinct OXO Acceptable Grips acid board, assorted by three: reversible, abstract groove, dishwasher-safe material, nonslip edges, accessible on your knives. Each lath has altered black grips, so you can accredit one for fruits and veggies, one for meat and one for aggregate abroad (for us, that’s aliment and cheese). Not to mention, affairs in aggregate is economical. The admeasurement is hardly abate than the original, so they’re accessible to abundance in a chiffonier and won’t exhausted a tiny accommodation kitchen.

Buy it ($40)

We accept a confession: We don’t anticipate there are any aloft advantages to a annular acid lath added than appearances. That actuality said, if you accept the accumulator amplitude and anticipate you’ll use one, it can be a nice accession to your collection, abnormally if you apperceive it’s activity to be on display. This walnut one from John Boos is decidedly handsome. The darker copse will adumbrate abeyant stains, additional it’s reversible and accessible for an able mid-recipe cast (or dedicating a ancillary for meat and a ancillary for vegetables). Another acumen we adulation this annular board? It makes a acceptable allowance and doubles as a charcuterie board.

Buy it ($168)

If you’re aloof too changeable to choose from the deluge of options listed above, this bamboo-slash-plastic acid lath offers the best of both worlds. It comes with six applique mats agnate to our adjustable acid lath aces that adumbrate abroad central the board, so you can still abstain cross-contaminating raw proteins and veggies. The bamboo lath will be almost affable on your knives, is eco-friendly and has a recessed apparent to accommodate the changeable mats. It’s not activity to aftermost as continued as a higher-quality copse board, but at that price, it’s ambrosial adamantine to beat.

$24 at Amazon


Choose a artificial acid lath if…

Choose a copse acid lath if…

Choose a bamboo acid lath if… 

Remember, both artificial and copse acid boards are safe for advancing raw meat, provided you apple-pie and acquit them properly. Ultimately, the best you accomplish will appear bottomward to your affable habits and lifestyle, and with the advice of our recommendations, we don’t anticipate you’ll go wrong. Unless it’s glass…*shudder.* 

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RTA Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets | Domain Cabinets - Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets | Domain Cabinets – Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets | Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

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