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It’s a abode that invites a added attending from the passerby. Alike in a adjacency abounding with architectural delights, the abundantly wide, gray-shingled bluff seems to adumbration at an absorbing past. Amid on one of the absorbing bake-apple streets of arctic Brooklyn Heights, 13 Pineapple stands afar from its brick and brownstone neighbors, a wood-frame, Federal-style admonition of an beforehand time in the neighborhood.

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With a adjacency that has been accurate over the centuries by writers, artists and historians, and was alike the aboriginal celebrated commune appointed in New York City, it ability be safe to accept that anniversary Brooklyn Heights abode has a well-traced adventure charting its architectural and amusing history. That would be wrong. Anniversary dive into a Brooklyn Heights architectonics involves complicated analysis and allocation through endlessly absorbing folklore. In the case of 13 Pineapple Street, some of that ballad was anointed into the aggregate alertness by none added than Truman Capote.

The Folklore

A abode with some bright tales absorbed to it is not unusual; in fact, it’s accepted in a architectonics that has about 200 years of history abaft it. What is arresting about 13 Pineapple Artery is that abundant of the ballad surrounding the abode dates from the 1930s to the 1960s. Few abreast accounts from the 19th aeon accept emerged, nor alike abounding belief from the aboriginal 20th century, aback so abundant history was actuality alluringly embroidered.

The belief that do arise — a affiliation to a abode captain, a apparitional presence, a 1790 architectonics date, a wife insisting on the admeasurement of the abode actuality doubled, and a account of it actuality confused from accession breadth — all assume to accept begun, or at atomic amorphous to arise consistently in print, afterwards 1930. Best are belief afresh by breadth association who either lived abreast or in 13 Pineapple Street. The best notable of those is the Capote nod in his commodity “Brooklyn Heights: A Personal Memoir,” arise in February of 1959 in Holiday magazine. “A ablaze gray, shingle-wood Colonial black by copse robustly leafed, it was congenital in 1790, the home of a sea captain,” he wrote of the house, conceivably aggressive by the glimpse of it acquired from his aback balustrade at 70 Willow Street.

The fun of old abode ballad is accession out area and how such belief emerged. There’s generally a atom of accuracy to at atomic some of the tales, and such is the case with 13 Pineapple Street.

The Aboriginal Years

The architectonics year of 1790 is not an aberrant affirmation in Brooklyn Heights. Abounding sources generally advance accession of the admirable aboriginal houses of the neighborhood, 24 Middagh Street, additionally dates to that year. However, abundant like 24 Middagh Street, the abode on Pineapple added acceptable has its origins in the 1820s than the 1790s.

Local historian Jeremy Lechtzin has done a abysmal dive into the history of a ample swath of barrio in the adjacency and his all-encompassing analysis on 13 Pineapple Artery seems to assert a about 1822 date of construction. He begin that Ezra Woodhull purchased abundant of the acreage on the arctic ancillary of Pineapple Artery in 1820 and census, accomplishments and added annal he consulted assume to announce a abode amid at 13 Pineapple Artery anon after.

City directories can sometimes action clues to residential patterns, and Brooklynites are listed alive in houses amid on Pineapple Artery from the ancient agenda of 1822. Alas, those aboriginal listings don’t accommodate an address, alone blame a citizen as actuality on or abreast the street. It isn’t until the 1830s that 13 Pineapple begins actualization by abode and afresh it was accepted as No. 33, an abode it would absorb until a artery renumbering in the 1870s.

As to whether the abode was confused from accession location, while the affirmation is not as abnormal as it ability sound, little accurate affirmation has been begin to abutment it. Abode affective was not exceptional of in the 19th century. Whether extenuative a abode from the architectonics of a new alley or affective it to a added adorable spot, the accomplished action to move a anatomy abode would accept been available. An 1832 commodity in the New York Black Column declared anatomy houses “moved on rollers from one artery to another” as actuality a accepted occurrence. While 19th aeon historian Henry Stiles makes a advertence to a abode actuality confused from Middagh Artery to Pineapple Artery in his book A History of The Burghal of Brooklyn, no added capacity are provided so it is difficult to prove this references 13 Pineapple Street.

Regardless, the abode was in abode on Pineapple Artery by the aboriginal 1820s. What exact actualization it took aback it was aboriginal complete is up for debate. Today, a attending at the abode shows a Federal-style wood-frame abode bristles accolade advanced with a centermost access and three floors set aloft a garden level. For a abode of the actualization and time, a ailing roof with dormers ability be expected. But its affiliated cornice gives a adumbration of afterwards 19th aeon alteration, and a acute eye ability doubtable some 20th aeon Colonial Revival sprucing up.

Beginning in the 1950s, an buyer of the abode claimed in several bi-weekly accounts that the abode had been connected from three accolade to bristles in the 19th century. No absolute affirmation has been begin to assert this but analytical the abode itself does accommodate a few aperitive hints. Interestingly, alone one ancillary of the house, the western side, has a cellar, conceivably putting into an accession what was defective in the aboriginal construction. A analytical actualization of the advanced bluff shows that the agreement of the windows is adapted on either ancillary of the axial door. Looking at the shutters on the parlor attic windows makes this actual bright — the agreement amid the windows is abundant added on the west ancillary than it is on the east. In actualization the abode may able-bodied accept originally added carefully resembled 24 Middagh Artery — a three bay wood-frame abode with a ailing roof and dormers.

If the abode was adapted or added to afterwards its about 1822 construction, those changes were in abode by 1855, the year that 13 Pineapple appears on a map by William Perris. The house, labeled as No. 33, is fatigued at its present width. By the time the Perris map was published, 13 Pineapple Artery was home to the ancestors that would alive there for the abutting 85 years.

The Coleman Ancestors ArrivesWhile the abode was congenital about 1822, best of the aboriginal association arise to accept been renters, actualization in one burghal agenda and gone by the abutting year. It wasn’t until John and Mary Coleman confused into the abode in 1852 that there is a ancestors with any cogent tenure.

The house, which had anesthetized through a few easily of affairs aback the time of Ezra Woodhull, was put up for bargain afresh in 1849, this time actualization in a sales apprehension by address. In the bounce of 1852 an bargain was captivated in the abode for “genteel parlor, alcove and kitchen furniture” and it is believed that John and Mary Coleman confused in afterward the sale. A accomplishment for the house, dug up by Jeremy Lechtzin, shows that the Coleman family, already residing there as tenants, purchased the abode for $3,250 aboriginal in 1853.

The ancestors wasn’t new to the borough. While John was congenital in New Jersey and Mary in Scotland, they had been alive in Brooklyn aback at atomic the 1840s. The 1850 demography and the agenda for that year places the ancestors as alive in Vinegar Hill afore authoritative the move to Brooklyn Heights.

Despite their connected administration at 13 Pineapple Street, it took a bit of digging to acquisition out added about the family. For alive in what is now advised a abundant abode in the neighborhood, the Coleman ancestors was not allotment of a affluent amusing set. They were a alive chic ancestors that hardly fabricated an actualization in the bounded papers. John was a cooper, a artisan accomplished in appliance lath staves (timber) to actualize barrels, buckets and added containers captivated calm with metal.

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John Coleman’s obituary in 1893 states that he had his own cooperage in the backward 1840s but that he additionally was for some years “a accompaniment ambassador of staves at Harbeck’s stores.” The abode at 13 Pineapple Artery absolutely fabricated for a fast commute. Aloof a adventure of a few blocks would accept brought Coleman to the alive Brooklyn Heights beach and Harbeck’s stores. Warehouses, or stores, lined the waterfront, captivation timber, coffee, spices and added appurtenances advancing and action through the alive port.

The Perris map of 1855 shows business wasn’t aloof bedfast to the waterfront. Mixed amid the anatomy and brick dwellings of the adjacency were barrio classified as “specially hazardous” by the map maker. The account included stables, baiter builders, brewers and added manufacturers. One such business, amid in what was classified as a capital anatomy building, was appropriate abutting to 13 Pineapple Street.

The hazards of bond accomplishment and anatomy dwellings would not accept been absent on John Coleman. According to his obituary he was additionally a “veteran fireman,” acceptable allotment of one of Brooklyn’s advance companies. Afore a academic Brooklyn Bonfire Department was accustomed in 1869, bounded companies were analytical for responding to the fires that frequently sprung up, decidedly in densely acclimatized neighborhoods with anatomy buildings. John and Mary Coleman additionally would acceptable accept apparent the appulse of a aloft bonfire firsthand. Aloof four years afore they confused into 13 Pineapple Street, a massive bonfire decimated assorted blocks of acreage abreast Brooklyn Heights.

Late in the black of September 9, 1848, bonfire bankrupt out in an upholstery boutique on Fulton Street. The bonfire bound advance to a adjoining acrylic boutique on Middagh Street, afresh advance to Pineapple Artery and beyond Fulton to Washington Street. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle dubbed it an “awful conflagration” and estimated that as abounding as 250 barrio were lost. While the astronomic bonfire of 1848 didn’t blow 13 Pineapple Street, it got aural a few blocks of the house. Bounded affidavit mourned the accident of action and acreage but they additionally bound arise on efforts to rebuild.

When the Coleman ancestors confused from Vinegar Hill to Brooklyn Heights a few years afterwards the fire, Fulton Artery had already abundantly been rebuilt. A few years later, the Colemans adapted the exoteric of 13 Pineapple Street. That change would absorb the bonfire code.

In June of 1876, a abode from the Brooklyn Accepted Council was printed in The Brooklyn Union, and it makes an absorbing advertence to the house. The bi-weekly arise that the Board on Bonfire had voted to alter the accoutrement of a area of cipher in the burghal allotment as it activated to 13 Pineapple. That cipher adapted the beam of lath buildings, in accurate the barter of a collapsed roof in abode of a ailing one. According to the code, beam abstracts were appropriate to be fireproof and no architectonics could be aloft college than 35 anxiety from the sidewalk. No almanac of the achievement of roof assignment on the Coleman’s abode was found, but the heavy, affiliated cornice absolutely aligns with a backward 1870s architectonics period.

The about-face to the abode may accept adumbrated a ambition for a added avant-garde actualization — as able-bodied as a ancestors in acceptable banking shape. Demography annal actualization that in the years afore the advance the Colemans were able to cut aback on the cardinal of boarders they hosted in their residence. The demography almanac of 1855 shows nine ancestors associates and seven boarders, for a absolute of 16 bodies alive in the anatomy dwelling. By the 1870 demography there weren’t any boarders in the house, and it was alive alone by the brace and their children.

Seven Coleman accouchement accept been tracked bottomward so far, six daughters and one son, all congenital amid the 1830s and 1850s. While three accouchement would leave Pineapple Street, the blow spent best of their lives in the house.

Daughters Sarah, Mary and Agnes all affiliated and confused out of the house. Sarah Coleman Hartman acclimatized in what is now Dumbo with her silversmith bedmate while Agnes Coleman Mills confused to Hoboken and had two daughters. Mary Ann Coleman Roach provides a accessible affiliation to the abode captain rumors surrounding the house. Her husband, Garrett Roach, was the son of abundant 19th aeon shipbuilder John Roach and formed in the ancestors business. Mary and Garrett acclimatized in Manhattan and had two sons.

Children John Jr., Julia, Caroline and Marguerite abundantly remained at 13 Pineapple Street. None married, and except for a few mentions, capacity of their lives in the abode are boxy to arise by. John Jr. conceivably leaves the better aisle due to his account in the Union Army during the Civil War. At the age of 24, in April of 1861, he abutting the 14th Regiment New York Accompaniment Militia, aka the 84th New York Advance Infantry, as a clandestine in Aggregation E.

The company’s almanac shows that he acceptable would accept taken allotment in battles and skirmishes in Virginia, including the Aboriginal Battle of Bull Run. He was captured during a battle abreast Gainesville, Va., in August of 1862. He was eventually paroled, although the aggregation almanac provides no details. He was mustered out in June of 1864.

After his action as a soldier, John Jr. alternate to Brooklyn and to Pineapple Street. According to a 1914 obituary he formed with his ancestor as a cooper and was additionally a advance firefighter afore demography a job as a agent at the Register of Arrears office. The 1880 demography includes a characters that John Jr., afresh 39, was partially paralyzed. Whether this was at all accompanying to his war account is unclear. Afterwards his afterlife in 1914, sisters Julia, Caroline and Marguerite connected to alive at 13 Pineapple Artery until their own deaths. Julia died in 1920 and Caroline in 1929, abrogation their youngest sister Marguerite the sole Coleman in residence.

It was in the aftermost years of Marguerite’s action that 13 Pineapple began to pop up added consistently in bounded newspapers, and this is abundantly due to the accounted ghost.

The Apparitional HouseIn June of 1934, both the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and the Brooklyn Times Union ran hardly adapted tales of the accounted addictive of 13 Pineapple Street.

The Eagle adventure complex a little babe actuality abashed by a “spook” actualization in the doorway, but ultimately the belief in both affidavit disentangle as added advisory than scary. Neighbors were acclimated to seeing the abode deeply shuttered and allegedly abandoned and were, in the words of the Union, “content to accede the abode bare and, probably, haunted.” They were abashed to acquisition action at the house, and aback interviewed the citizen of 13 Pineapple seemed appropriately abashed that the abode was advised haunted. Renter Theodore Mills, a acquaintance and possibly abroad about of Marguerite Coleman, had been alive in the abode for years. Mills was a anchorage captain who didn’t acknowledgment from assignment until midnight, conceivably answer why neighbors did not atom abundant action at the house.

Mills seems to accept had a nice babble with the anchorman who angry up at his doorstep and aggregate some ancestors news. Evidently a falling lath had afflicted Marguerite Coleman in 1928 and she had been alive with her niece, Edna Mills Fitch, babe of Agnes Coleman Mills, anytime since. Marguerite, Edna and her husband, Frederick Fitch, were all due to move from Mamaroneck into the abode on Pineapple Artery as anon as it was spruced up.

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Whether a aloft advance occurred or not is unknown, but Marguerite did acknowledgment to the house. She spent her aftermost months at 13 Pineapple Artery afore her afterlife in March of 1935. Her cachet as a affiliate of an old Brooklyn ancestors and longtime citizen of 13 Pineapple becoming obituaries in the Brooklyn affidavit as able-bodied as a abrupt writeup in the New York Times, which mentioned that she had “refused abounding offers” for the acquirement of the house.

The 20th Century

Marguerite’s afterlife didn’t end the Coleman family’s time in 13 Pineapple, at atomic not immediately. Her will will larboard bisected of her acreage to Theodore Mills and the added to niece Edna Mills Fitch. Edna and her husband, Frederick, a salesman, acclimatized into 13 Pineapple for a few years afore the abode was awash out of ancestors easily in 1937.

The purchasers, adolescent brace John P. Zerega, Jr. and Kathryn Hurst Zerega, were no strangers to the neighborhood. Affiliated in 1933, they acclimatized into Brooklyn Heights afterwards the wedding. While Kathryn Hurst Zerega had developed up in Arctic Manhattan, John Zerega’s grandfathering had acclimatized in Brooklyn in the backward 1840s, founding a acknowledged pasta branch still in business today as Zerega.

John and Kathryn Zerega purchased 13 Pineapple at a time aback added families were renovating old houses in the neighborhood. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle arise on this trend in 1938, acquainted that while the burden for added accommodation was arch to changes in the adjacency and beyond accommodation barrio were on the rise, added families were affairs “fine old clandestine homes” with affairs to accept them “modernized and face lifted” until they recalled “the old aloof canicule of their youth.”

The Zerega ancestors did aloof that at 13 Pineapple. Afore affective in, they assassin artist William P. Callahan of White Plains to accord the abode an overhaul. Some of the paperwork submitted to the Department of Barrio survives and gives an abstraction of the admeasurement of the changes. Notes on attic affairs and the admittance appliance actualization that best of the assignment complex advance 13 Pineapple Artery for avant-garde life. Cabinets, accessories and a new linoleum attic were installed off the dining allowance to actualize a avant-garde kitchen. (The aforementioned kitchen was afterwards redone, and connected with a bay window, in the backward 1980s.) An absolute bath was avant-garde and added bathrooms installed on the aboriginal and third floors.

The admittance filing indicates that the aboriginal and added floors were to be corrective and decorated, and the attic affairs actualization that at atomic some Colonial Revival features, like the congenital bend cupboards of the dining room, were alien at this point. On the added floor, added built-ins were installed in the bathrobe allowance off the adept bedroom, creating avant-garde closet space.

The affairs announce alone accessory changes to the facade, including new six-over-six sashes in all the advanced windows, two new openings in the rear facade, and relocated accomplish in the backyard. However, celebrated images assume to announce the Zeregas did a added abundant “face lift” on the house. The about 1940 tax photo provides a actualization column advance that can be compared with angle from 1925 and 1932 at the New York Accessible Library.

The beforehand angle assume to actualization board rather than shingles, at atomic on the eastern facade. There are shutters installed at all the windows and a columned balustrade over the stoop. (The closing was apparently a backward 19th aeon addition, conceivably actualization at the aforementioned time as the new roof.) By 1940 the shutters are gone, the exoteric looks brittle and trim with new shingles, the balustrade has abolished and a Colonial Revival fanlight has appeared aloft the advanced door. The accepted barn was additionally apparently added during the Zerega’s time, acceptable about 1946.

John and Kathryn Zerega backward about 14 years in the house, affective in 1951 to chase the about-face of the Zerega ancestors pasta business to New Jersey.

Truman Capote Burnishes the Folklore

When new owners Philip and Esther Broughton confused in, advantage of 13 Pineapple Artery best up in bounded papers. The Broughtons were alive associates of the Brooklyn Heights association set. Their move into the abode in 1951 additionally coincides with apprenticeship and advancement efforts about the history and architectonics of the neighborhood. The Broughtons, decidedly Esther, alternate by aperture up 13 Pineapple Artery for board meetings, garden tours and celebrated abode tours. Philip was an allowance agent who dabbled in music on the side. He bound the “Forsythia Song” in account of Brooklyn’s official annual but a assignment with conceivably a added admirers was a cowriting acclaim on “Funny (Not Much)” recorded by Nat King Cole in 1953.

Esther was complex in abundant bounded committees and, if her interviews in bounded affidavit are annihilation to go by, had a accurate allure for the history of 13 Pineapple Street. It is during the 1950s and 1960s that abundant of the ballad surrounding the abode appears in print. The belief may accept been cavernous about amid neighbors but if so, it seems they weren’t put into book until the mid 20th century. Abounding of these can be traced to Esther Broughton and advice she aggregate with the columnist and acceptable her acquaintance at 70 Willow Street.

In “Brooklyn Heights: A Personal Memoir” Truman Capote aggregate the adventure of a 1790 home of a abode captain, but he never mentioned 13 Pineapple Artery by address. Instead, the abode he believed to be “the oldest still actual and functioning” in the adjacency he acclaimed as that of his “backyard neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Broughton.” With Capote and the Broughtons in abutting adjacency and the Broughtons actuality allotment of the amusing set of Brooklyn Heights, it is adequately acceptable the brace had aggregate tales of the abode with their arcane neighbor. Afterwards the adventure appeared in print, agnate tales of the origins of the abode were afresh in perpetuity.

If the Broughtons did allotment tales of the house, area did they get the information? Afore affective into 13 Pineapple Street, Philip, a widower with a adolescent daughter, was alive at the Hotel Margaret aback he and Esther, herself a added and alive on Orange Street, affiliated in June of 1936. The brace acclimatized into 30 Orange Artery and their amusing comings and goings bound began actualization in bounded papers.

In September of 1936, the brace captivated a affair at their home and here’s area the attitude of bounded affidavit authoritative agenda of affair attendees comes in handy. Actualization on the bedfellow account were Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Fitch. That would be Edna Mills Fitch, the Coleman granddaughter who had awash the abode in 1937. That affair was aloof one accident area the ladies arise either as guests at the aforementioned accident or as actuality complex with the aforementioned organizations. Did Edna or added old Brooklyn families allotment tales of the history of 13 Pineapple Artery with Esther Broughton?

We can’t apperceive for sure, but by the backward 1950s, aback preservation-minded owners were captivation Brooklyn Heights abode tours to accession awareness, Esther had a adventure to annoyance the absorption of reporters. In April of 1961, the Women’s Board of the Connected Island Historical Association hosted a bout of pre-Civil War Brooklyn Heights with a attending central Plymouth Church and four houses, including 13 Pineapple Street. A diffuse affection on the bout appeared in the Brooklyn Heights Columnist and the adventure Esther aggregate with bout goers was that 13 Pineapple Artery was a Connected Island farmhouse congenital in 1790. It was, according to Esther, purchased by Mr. Coleman in 1830 but “his wife claimed it was too old to alive in, so it was remodeled, rebuilt, and the added bisected added.” The commodity additionally mentions that the Broughtons furnished the home with ancestors heirlooms, including some apropos to one Captain Broughton, conceivably arch to the abode captain agent adventure presented by Capote.

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It’s difficult to prove how much, if anything, the Coleman ancestors or neighbors anesthetized bottomward apropos the history of the house, but whatever their source, the belief did brighten the house’s acceptability and provided agitating fodder for account belief at a time aback the movement to bottle the ancestry of the adjacency was at a analytical point. The abode remained in the Broughton ancestors until the 1980s. It has had aloof two added owners since.

Since the 1820s anniversary ancestors has larboard its brand on 13 Pineapple Street, whether it was alteration the actualization or overextension the accent of its history. Conceivably added digging will ascertain alike added absorbing tales of this bit of old Brooklyn Heights.

If you appetite to see this abode to adjudicator its history for yourself you can get your adventitious this abatement aback 13 Pineapple Artery debuts as the 2019 Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse. The showhouse bliss off with an aperture affair on Wednesday, September 26 and will be accessible to the accessible from September 27 through November 3. Proceeds from the accident account the Brooklyn Heights Association. For added advice on tickets and accessible hours appointment the showhouse website. Brownstoner is a sponsor for the event.

Below, some photos of the autogenous of the abode afore its showhouse transformation.

[Photos by Susan De Vries unless acclaimed otherwise]

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