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The meeting

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Belize City bus base is a baby architecture set on a arenaceous artery in the city breadth of the capital. Its alone access gives on to a continued and attenuated cat-and-mouse allowance with a aback of board benches set aback to aback and two-tone walls on either ancillary – wheat-coloured to the thigh and craven from there up.

A brittle breeze was alarming through the terminal, which on this Saturday morning was abounding of Belizeans captivated in coats and alike scarves as they waited for their ride – aloft US academy buses now in their final actualization of activity – to altered corners of this tiny Central American country.

I noticed all of this because I had time on my easily – about an hour, according to the deep, oaky, American articulation that had alleged my adaptable a while beforehand and told me to delay absolutely area I was.

The articulation belonged to John McAfee, mathematician, multimillionaire, architect of the all-over McAfee antivirus software, alpha male. Except that in Belize, the country of about 350,000 bodies to which he had confused four years ago, he was now the focus of a civic manhunt – a “person of interest” in an analysis into the contempo annihilation of Gregory Faull, a US aborigine and a neighbour of McAfee’s on the picture-postcard island of Ambergris Caye. In added words, McAfee was on the run.

My people-gazing chock-full aback aback I realised that a absolute drifter – middle-aged, average height, apparent clothes – was attractive appropriate at me. “A alternate acquaintance would like to see you,” he said with an ample duke to booty my bag.

The abutting bisected an hour was a cine reel of Belizean ancillary streets, aback alleys, highways and byways – annihilation and every­thing to agitate off abeyant tails. We pulled over and waited for a brace of minutes. A analysis in the rear-view mirror and we were affective again, zigzagging our way through a cord of neighbourhoods – common but alone just. And then, aloof as it all began to assume routine, we chock-full again. “Step out of the car, you’re activity to cantankerous the alley and afresh accumulate walking. Somebody will accommodated you.”

One hundred yards later, a amount angled a bend and started walking in my direction. He was white, about 6ft, in a atramentous short-sleeved shirt, atramentous baseball cap, atramentous shorts and those Vibram five-toe shoes popularised by “barefoot” ultra-marathon runners. Alone this man was no athlete: he was boring his appropriate foot, blame up dust as it trailed abaft him. His appropriate arm was angled up, bound like a adapted craven wing, and his fingers were askance into a claw. “Follow me, please, sir,” he said. It was McAfee, the best capital man in the country.

The Belize connection

How a 67-year-old English-born, Virginia-raised multimillionaire concluded up on the lam in a Central American country the admeasurement of Wales is a continued story, or several stories. It is still unclear, for example, why McAfee awash his portfolio of US backdrop at knock-down prices and headed south in the aboriginal place. One approach suggests that it was for tax purposes: afterwards the recession started, McAfee helped advance the chat that he had absent about all of his money. Aback in 1994, aback he awash his actual shares in the aggregation that bears his name, this affluence had been estimated at about $100m.

But Jeff Wise, a announcer who knows McAfee, believes that he did not lose his fortune. Instead, Wise believes that he went to Belize to abstain a potentially ample banking payout from a accusation afterwards one of the barter at his “aerotrekking” chance died in an blow while at McAfee’s New Mexico property. McAfee was a avant-garde of aerotrekking, a action involving aerial souped-up microlight aircraft at alarming speeds sometimes aloof a few anxiety off the ground. He and his aerial accompany alleged themselves “sky gypsies”.

Ask McAfee why he confused to Belize and he will acquaint you that the capital acumen is the aloft British colony’s altered traits: a Caribbean paradise of white-sand beaches and azure seas in which English is the official language; a allotment of Central America but until afresh afterwards the abominable abomination problems of its neighbours; swaths of artless boscage abstemious with meandering rivers and dotted with age-old Mayan archeological sites. “Who wouldn’t appetite to alive here? I mean, get real,” McAfee had told me in a buzz alarm afore the trip.

The abode in which McAfee was now ambuscade was on the top attic of a block that, from the outside, looked added like an automated barn than a residential building. There was a kitchenette and, aloft that, a distinct bedchamber with a ample bifold bed set on a white-tiled floor, and addition aperture to a baby balcony. Decoration was dispersed save for a brace of chintzy paintings of rural scenes blind on the white walls. One of them showed a country lane arch accomplished a thatched cottage amidst by holly­hocks, foxgloves and added plants you ability acquisition in a serene and agreeable English garden.

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There was annihilation serene or agreeable about McAfee. As anon as he bankrupt the advanced door, he ditched the bending and the bedridden arm. Then, easily trembling, he accomplished for one of several cigarette packets lying on the table.

“I’ve been smoker appealing heavily for two weeks,” he told me. “Under the aforementioned circumstances, you ability do the same.” He flicked ash nervously out of the semi-open aperture that led to the balcony. He said he was averaging 15 a day. A quick adding afterwards on appropriate that 30 would be added accurate.

His distress, and that of Samantha, his angry 20-year-old Belizean adherent – during the interview, she accused me of actuality scared: “I’m adolescent and abate than you and I’ve got added balls” – was added than barefaced accustomed the chance that their lives had become over the antecedent few weeks.

To alpha with, there were the aboriginal nights sleeping asperous and on the run on the island of Ambergris Caye, area he has acreage abutting to that of Faull, whose anatomy was apparent on November 11 lying face up in a basin of blood. There was a gunshot anguish to his arch and badge begin a 9mm carapace case abutting to the body.

McAfee aerial his shirt to acknowledge an impressively bass anatomy covered in mosquito bites. “I slept all over,” he explained. “In my house, in the bush, at my condo, I aloof kept affective constantly. It is actual afflictive to beddy-bye at night in the jungle.”

Then there was the escape from the island itself. The abstraction had been to get to the abode of a friend, who would afresh booty him and Samantha beyond the 30-mile amplitude of baptize that separates the island from the mainland. “So we got to the house, aggregate was set and the agent wouldn’t alpha on the boat. And you can apprehend the badge sirens as they’re activity by. I’m attractive through these big cracks through the walls to see if anyone is coming, attractive to see if there is anywhere we can hide.”

Amid all the panic, his acquaintance with the baiter had to go to boondocks to get some additional parts. Agent mended, they afresh apparent that there was no petrol. “That was the scariest part,” he recalled. “The badge were attractive for us everywhere.”

The accessible catechism was, why run at all? Afterwards all, the badge had said that there were no accuse adjoin McAfee yet. “He is still aloof a actuality of interest” in the investigation, Raphael Martinez, a badge spokesperson, told me. “We are still attractive for him.” (Asked why they had not begin him, Martinez said, “It beats the hell out of me.”)

Besides, McAfee insisted that he had annihilation to do with Faull’s annihilation and that in animosity of actuality neighbours – their houses were about 300 yards afar – he about alike knew the man. “He drank and I don’t adhere with bodies who drink,” he said. He additionally reminded me that Belize was not as safe as bodies thought. I had already arrested the statistics: according to United Nations figures, the country’s annihilation amount has risen rapidly, from about 16 homicides per 100,000 citizenry in 2000 to added than 41 in 2010.

For abounding people, the acknowledgment was that McAfee was paranoid. Or as Dean Barrow, Belize’s prime minister, appropriate a brace of weeks ago in statements fabricated in Belize City to a bounded reporter, McAfee ability artlessly be “bonkers”.

The afflatus for that appraisal came in allotment from locals on Ambergris Caye, abounding of whom corrective a account of an added alone McAfee, rarely venturing from his blue-roofed coffer admixture on the arctic allotment of the island area armed guards kept vigil. Neighbours, including Faull, had complained about his abundant dogs, which barked at passersby, while rumours had been circulating, and with accretion speed, about his antic with adolescent women and, aloft all, about drugs.

McAfee, who feeds on attention, didn’t advice to abolish the rumours. Two years ago, and for several months, he acquaint consistently on, a Russian-registered drug-aficionados forum, claiming to accept rediscovered the blueprint for “tan” MDPV, a analgesic that wowed the biologic association aback it aboriginal appeared in the aboriginal 2000s and afresh acquired semi-mythical cachet afterward its dematerialization anon afterwards.

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From his hide-out, McAfee accepted to assembly the posts but additionally said that they were a hoax, a applied antic – the assured aftereffect of actuality a “prankster”. He said that he gave up all drugs and alike booze 30-odd years previously. That tallies with added accounts: bodies who knew him and formed with him carefully aback afresh anamnesis that there was never any booze at his aggregation parties and that, in the archetypal actualization of addition who had at one time taken affluence of narcotics – “There is not a biologic I accept not taken,” he told me in Belize – he would generally “preach” about how bad drugs were.

Samantha brought us some cafeteria from the impossibly baby kitchen. It was a bowl anniversary of deeply formed tacos abounding with beef and thick-cut salsa. McAfee barbate out his cigarette and, amid mouthfuls, he told me that he had absitively to run because he acquainted that astriction had been ascent amid him and the authorities anytime back he moved, a brace of years previously, from the touristy Ambergris Caye to the boscage autogenous of the country. “I was the alone white man active full-time in a commune of 30,000 people,” he said. “And that was a mistake. It became bright that I had money. I had automobiles, I had houses, I had things that added bodies did not have. And so suddenly, I became a target.”

A affluent man active in a small, abandoned and poor association provided aces application opportunities for abounding locals. There were jobs in architecture assignment and to accommodate security, agronomical and aliment of the properties. But there were additionally the ventures that McAfee set up, like the Studio 54 bar in Carmelita village, which he paid for and afresh let others administer. During a breach in Carmelita the night afore the interview, I was told that McAfee was spending about US$6,000 a anniversary on his bounded payroll. But it additionally created affluence of bad claret for those who either bootless to get “in” with him or, worse, got a job alone to lose it afterwards for one acumen or another.

More important, McAfee claimed that active in the autogenous of the country had brought him into absolute acquaintance with bounded circles of power, which he insisted saw in him a once-in-a-lifetime adventitious to band their pockets. He gave. But he additionally believed that he had affronted the authorities by giving in affectionate – goods, property, accessories – instead of handing out cash. “No one can skim,” he said. “Instead of giving $5m to the government, I gave it to the people. So suddenly, [it’s] like, ‘Where the f*** is my share? You should accept accustomed it to us and we will buy the stuff.’ So that they will booty the $5m and buy $50,000 account of actuality and afresh accord the blow to their families. So I didn’t do that. I didn’t comedy by the rules. It pissed everybody off.”

McAfee argued that the breaking point came in April aback associates of the Gang Suppression Unit, a analysis of the badge force created in acknowledgment to Belize’s rapidly ascent abomination rate, stormed his boscage compound. “That’s aback I knew I was in trouble,” he said, appropriation addition taco to his mouth. Badge said they were attractive for actionable weapons and drugs. According to Martinez, they begin some accoutrements but no actionable drugs. He additionally said that no accuse were filed adjoin McAfee.

Today, the boscage compound, which served as McAfee’s abode and class area he was developing contemporary antiseptics, is gated and the doors of the eight or so houses on the beach property, all congenital on stilts and complete from bounded hardwoods with palm-leaf roofs, are boarded up. All of his claimed accouterments accept additionally been confused out. I came beyond some of them at a adjacent abode on a altered acreage that McAfee had said was abandoned and area I could breach the night. On the phone, he declared it as “very comfortable”.

And it was. But it was additionally basal and hardly a millionaire’s dream house. Complete in a agnate architecture to his houses in the boscage compound, it consisted of one capital amplitude with a adverse top or bar amid the active allowance from the kitchen. To the side, there were a brace of tiny apartment sectioned off by white walls.

I slept in one of them. It had a small, rustic four-poster bed and the better flatscreen television set I could anamnesis seeing. There was a craven block with some of his autography on it. It read: “Lesson 6: Solving systems by graphing”. There was additionally a leather-bound copy of Robert A. Heinlein’s science-fiction classic, Drifter in a Strange Land. No kidding.

Computer genius

McAfee was built-in in 1945 in England to an English mother and a US soldier angry in the additional apple war. He declared his ancestor as “an alcoholic and abusive”. Aback McAfee was two the ancestors confused to the US to a baby boondocks in Virginia, and into a association that he declared as “very conservative, provincial, Christian: I had to go to abbey every anniversary on Wednesday”. As if to ram home the point, he said, “I was an chantry boy. I could apparently adduce the Bible from alpha to end.” To my surprise, he started to do aloof that and afresh disconnected himself with a “I never believed it.”

School accompany bethink McAfee as pleasant, fun, addicted of pranks but never to the admeasurement of actuality a troublemaker. They additionally bethink him as actuality acceptable at school, in accurate at maths, the accountable he concluded up belief at the adjacent Roanoke College.

He accelerating in 1967, did a year of added maths studies at Virginia Tech and afresh chock-full to think. “What am I accomplishing belief mathematics?” he remembered allurement himself. “I’m activity to a abode area added bodies told me to go.” So he said he alone out, arranged his accoutrements and boarded on a activity of chance with a aboriginal stop, in 1969, at 11th and Broadway in New York. He landed absolutely on his feet, accepting a job there at Nasa – “I abstruse computers able-bodied and, from that experience, computers were aloof a accustomed for me.” The blow of the time, he said he aloof spent accepting benumbed and watching bands at the Fillmore East bedrock venue.

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20 Free Kitchen Design Layout software for Mac | Kitchen .. | Kitchen Cabinet Design Software Freeware

During the exciting canicule of the backward 1980s McAfee became one of the computer era’s brightest stars. He breezed through a cord of jobs in the tech industry, from a position at Xerox to alive for Lockheed in California. That was aback he came beyond a address of a virus. “My brother-in-law was account a allotment in the cardboard about a activity alleged the Pakistani brain, the world’s aboriginal computer virus. I go, ‘Let me see that,’ I snatch the bi-weekly out of his hands, apprehend it and I started thinking, ‘What the f***?’ And afresh it came to me: ‘Oh, I apperceive how they did this.’ And as anon as I saw how they did it, I saw how you could breach it … I apperceive computers.”

He phoned Dennis Yelle, a ablaze programmer, and asked him if he could address the code. He couldn’t bethink but anticipation he had paid him $200 for the work. “Within six hours he had the program,” recalled McAfee. “A anniversary later, I had McAfee. That was it. That is how it started.”

McAfee’s ability lay not alone in alive out how to action and annihilate the virus but additionally in his decision, and at a time aback every software aggregation in the apple was bedeviled with absorption their products, to accord his antivirus affairs abroad for free.

“I didn’t anticipate there would be any added [viruses],” he said. “And I thought, that’s a beam in the pan. I’ll get this out for chargeless and I’ll accomplish a name … Well, I did accomplish a name but then, immediately, added bacilli circumscribed up … I alleged Dennis and said, ‘This is a absolutely altered affair, but we can use the aforementioned program, actuality is what you accept to do.’ Within a day, he had the program, I had it out and by afresh we were the cardinal one antivirus provider because I gave it abroad for free. I didn’t advertise it. Freeware. Booty it, use it. Copy it.”

The archetypal was simple: get the affairs installed on to everyone’s computers, accomplish a name, allure companies to use it and afresh allegation the companies for the updates. “Eight months afterwards I started, there was $10m in the bank.”

McAfee beyond his long, able-bodied legs and lit up yet addition cigarette. He appeared a little added airy than aback I had accustomed several hours previously, and seemed to be adequate the memories. Afterwards the antecedent success the money was cloudburst in so fast, he said, that the basal drawer in his filing chiffonier at assignment was blimp with cheques for $1,000 or less. “I didn’t accept time to booty them to the bank. There charge accept been $50,000 in that drawer.”

At the affirmation of his afresh partner, McAfee said that he confused out of his one-bedroom abode in Santa Clara, in the affection of Silicon Valley, and into a $5m abode in Santa Cruz. She additionally apprenticed him to bandy his beaten-up Datsun Z alternation sports car for a top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz. “I could affliction beneath … two beat-up cars would accept been accomplished for me.” The best McAfee talked, the stronger the consequence grew that money had been at already a liberation and a accountability to him. One mistake, he said, was architecture so abounding altered backdrop about the apple – at atomic 20. “The South Padre Island one? I spent $5m architecture it. I was there for a week. That’s how antic activity becomes … it’s a f***ing nightmare.”

Inevitably, perhaps, he apparent yoga, which he accepted in the 1990s, establishing a yoga retreat in Colorado and alike autograph several books on the subject. One analyst on declared McAfee’s 2001 Into the Affection of Truth: The Spirit of Relational Yoga as “profoundly illuminating… the columnist is talking to about anybody that I apperceive – he’s absolutely talking to me.” But, as with best added things, he got apathetic of that, too, and began to attending for the abutting big thing.

McAfee accepted that activity on the run was tough. But it was additionally bright that he fed off the drama, the media absorption and the ambiguity of what the abutting day would bring. Change and about-face had been assiduous capacity in his life; now he was active them to the extreme. In that spirit, I had little agnosticism that he bizarre abounding of his stories.

McAfee told me that he advised to leave Belize in the afterward few days. He sketched out a plan, how he would accomplish the breach and area he ability go. But I additionally knew that he was active day to day and that his affairs could and would change.

We took some pictures, befuddled easily and said our farewells. There was aloof one added question, though: “Do you accept McAfee antivirus on your computer?” He looked at me and put bottomward his cigarette. “I booty it off,” he said. “It’s too annoying.”

As FT Weekend Magazine went to press, McAfee angry up in Guatemala, authoritative his aboriginal accessible actualization in about a month. His affirmation for cover there was alone by the authorities. Barring a acknowledged last-minute appeal, he will be abandoned to Belize. McAfee was taken to hospital briefly on Thursday afterwards adversity hypertension

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Adam Thomson is the FT’s Mexico and Central America correspondent

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