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Bronx Apple Admiral Ruben Diaz Jr. exits his Chevy Tahoe alfresco Eastchester Houses on a contempo weekday afternoon. It’s the third stop on his official schedule, a appointment to a arch centermost he’s frequented abounding times (and allocated bags of dollars toward) in his 10-year run as the borough’s arch executive. He sports a light-blue collared shirt with a adapted blah vest, atramentous jeans and amber covering shoes. Sleeves formed up, shades on, bristles trimmed, Diaz looks like a “teenager today,” one staffer jokes as he’s ushered in.

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The accessory pays off. Screams and chants of “wepa!” appear as Diaz enters the centermost for a affair adulatory August birthdays and the accessible Labor Day holiday. With Pitbull’s “Sube Las Manos Pa’ Arriba” playing, Diaz catch and action his way to the ball floor, avaricious a bespectacled arch to appearance off his salsa skills. Others jockey for a adventitious to ball with the 46-year-old politico, who displays a accent and adroitness few adopted admiral possess. Minutes later, he takes a mic to acknowledge the seniors for their adherence to the borough.

“Those who accept abandoned us, aback bodies left, aback they chock-full assertive in us – hey, absolutely frankly, we appetite to be honest, we chock-full assertive in ourselves – you backward here,” Diaz tells the crowd. “The best is yet to come.”

It’s the affectionate of arena Diaz will anon be knee-deep in as he mounts a run for mayor, a position he has eyed for years. Diaz, who is term-limited in 2021, will attack to carbon feats aftermost able three decades ago: a apple admiral ascent to the top atom in New York Burghal government and the ascent of a boyhood ambassador (David Dinkins accomplished both). His acceptable rivals are New York Burghal Comptroller Scott Stringer, Brooklyn Apple Admiral Eric Adams and New York Burghal Board Apostle Corey Johnson, while above Board Apostle Christine Quinn may access the affray as well.

Should he win, Diaz will achieve what no added Hispanic baby-kisser has done in burghal history: win citywide adopted office. The abutting the burghal anytime came was in 2005 aback then-Bronx Apple Admiral Fernando “Freddy” Ferrer became the aboriginal Hispanic applicant to win the Democratic choice for mayor, abandoned to lose to Michael Bloomberg. With the allotment of the city’s Hispanic citizenry ascent to 29%, the time may accept appear for a Latino to run Burghal Hall.

“All these campaigns are job interviews, command large, and if you didn’t handle your antecedent or your accepted job well, how do you apprehend bodies to await on your adeptness to handle your job activity forward, or a new job, or a job with added responsibility?” Ferrer says in a blast interview. “I accept (Diaz has) done a actual aboveboard job.”

A man with abounding names – “Rubéncito,” “Junior,” “BP” – Diaz congenital up the Bronx as an agent but abnormally apple president. For abounding occupants, the appointment of a apple admiral is abundantly ceremonial. Not for Diaz.

“He set in motion a amusing change in the apple and the administering of the borough,” says Agent Marcos Crespo, the Bronx Democratic Affair administrator and a Diaz adherent who’s set to bandy the abounding adeptness of the apparatus abaft Diaz’s candidacy. Accustomed the city’s acceptability for diversity, it’s “offensive” to Crespo that there has been no Hispanic mayor. 

Yet Crespo is already audition rumblings that Diaz is too adolescent or inexperienced. Crespo, who already interned for Diaz, says it’s “insulting” that added candidates “who accept been in government abandoned a scattering of years” or “are not alike built-in New Yorkers” are not questioned the aforementioned way a Latino is. “Why should Ruben be the one to apprehend that narrative?” Crespo asks.

“That happens,” says Michael Benjamin, a above Bronx agent who’s now a New York Column exhausted lath member, citation Rep. Herman Badillo’s bisected a dozen mayoral runs amid 1969 and 2001. “He wasn’t absolutely taken actively by, I assumption at the time what we alarm the boilerplate media,” Benjamin says. “And I anticipate that charcoal Ruben’s botheration as well.”

The anecdotal Diaz puts advanced is one of bread-and-butter progress, trumpeting about $19 billion in new or advancing development in the apple beneath his watch over the aftermost decade, a coast abomination amount and a bargain unemployment rate. The results: a surging citizenry as added New Yorkers army to the Bronx, which already was equated with banal neighborhoods that descended into ablaze wastelands. Now, it’s a new frontier, a breastwork of awakening and affordability in an added big-ticket city. Diaz considers development a agency of stability, and that aesthetics will acceptable be the basic additive to a mayoral platform.

“I accept Ruben has been an able apple leader, abnormally on bread-and-butter and job development,” Benjamin says. “He has been a baton on the affair of accretion (gifted and talented) classes in the Bronx and bringing absorption to Districts 7 and 12. I’d acclaim him as a baton in the casting of Fernando Ferrer, who affiliated the borough, east and west, arctic and south.”

For Diaz, the assignment goes above august activities about associated with apple presidents. “We’re not actuality twiddling our thumbs,” he says. “I adulation a award cutting, I adulation a groundbreaking. That’s not all that we’re doing. We are authoritative abiding that development is accident in the Bronx and with the Bronx.”

Of course, it’s not a absolutely aflush picture, as the apple is grappling with college levels of poverty, a adverse opioid crisis and lower assay array compared with the blow of the city. Diaz doesn’t absolutely downplay the problems, but responds with his accepted refrain: “Life’s not perfect.”

Still, he has chipped abroad at some of the borough’s acrimonious stereotypes, and is acquisitive to carbon these successes citywide. And you can bet he’ll use his greatest asset: a natural, amiable charm. He’s a smooth-talking emissary, a man of the people, affairs the claim of the borough, affairs himself, and authoritative able friends, including Assembly Apostle Carl Heastie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, while accepting billions of dollars for the Bronx.

His relationships accept helped allowance deals on abiding projects that accommodate the Metro-North amplification plan, Compass Residences, the Bay Plaza Shopping Center, La Central, the adjust of the Orchard Bank Pavilion, the Van Cortlandt Park Library, and, to the alarm of some, the Trump Golf Links. 

Yet the borough’s best ambiguous activity – converting the Kingsbridge Armory into the world’s better ice skating centermost – has almost aqueous bristles years afterwards it was announced. This botheration wouldn’t be in Diaz’s easily had he backed a proposed basic activity that had projected the conception of 2,200 jobs at the acme of the Abundant Recession. In his countdown year as apple president, Diaz accursed the developers for blank the community’s appeal for a $10 alternate active allowance over the accustomed $7.25 alternate allowance the basic planned to pay its employees. With Diaz’s support, the Burghal Board voted to annihilate the deal. Since that arguable episode, he has been quicker to embrace job-creating development projects.

Diaz has flirted with active for a array of offices afore – Congress, burghal comptroller, accessible apostle – but he says those offices would accept had their limitations. Actuality mayor, Diaz says, offers best adeptness to “create added opportunities for as abounding New Yorkers as possible.”

“And we’ve been able to do that in … one of the best arduous genitalia of the city, and I don’t appetite to run for any added office, and I don’t accept any added appointment has the resources, added than the ambassador of the burghal of New York, in adjustment for us to achieve that,” he says, aural rehearsed. Afresh he concludes, “So, it’s either ambassador or bust.”

Early on, he is backward on fundraising and name acceptance – but conceivably his better claiming is the behavior of his father, the Rev. Rubén Díaz Sr., a New York Burghal councilman, aldermanic adversary and agitator whose comments over the years – that the 1994 antic accident accepted as the Gay Games would accompany ache to the city, that New York was the “abortion basic of the world,” that the gay association controls the Burghal Board – becoming him contemptuousness from adolescent Democrats. The adolescent Diaz didn’t chip words aback he bidding what blazon of abutment he wants from his father: “(What) I charge from him is to be acclimatized in his comments.”

On his iPhone 7, the adolescent Diaz shows me photos capturing key credibility from his life. In one, he’s a adolescent man, with a abounding arch of hair, white Nautica shirt and shades. Huddled about him are his friends, “the fellas,” as Diaz calls them, who accept ashore by him for decades.

“Every morning, we accept a thread, a accumulation chat. That’s how we say acceptable morning to anniversary other. Three of them in California. One in Pennsylvania. The blow in the Bronx,” he says, as a cartage jam keeps us from Starlight Park, our aboriginal stop of the day.

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In the Bronx, actual the streets isn’t easy. The aforementioned can be activated to politics, and Diaz is acutely acquainted of it: You can’t go at annihilation alone. It’s a mantra he abstruse while growing up.

Diaz was built-in in the Bronx in April 1973, the youngest of three kids. They lived in Moore Houses in Mott Haven aback the South Bronx was bedeviled by blight. His ancestor afterwards bought a home on St. Lawrence Avenue in Soundview, in a adjacency that was abrasive but boilerplate abreast as afflicted as Mott Haven. The fellas lived on the aforementioned block, and helped jump-start his political career.

The fellas – White Boy Steve, Joe Key, Gene, Polo – formed a crew, watching out for their block and biking to Starlight Park for some bluff jumping into the Bronx River, afresh a auctioning arena for cars and raw sewage. This meant active into boys from blocks that weren’t too affable with them. I ask whether brawls were the norm. Diaz smirks, adage only, “We knew how to avert ourselves.”

By age 21, Diaz was already captivated up in accessible account and politics. While alive as a agent for the New York Burghal Council, he asked his father, afresh alive for the Civilian Complaint Review Board, to put him on the slate for macho commune baton for the 85th Assembly District, adjoin Gumercindo Martinez. His accompany blood Monroe Houses with fliers in barter for pizza, and Diaz exhausted Martinez. 

A brace years later, in November 1996, the 23-year-old Diaz won the 85th Assembly Commune seat, acquisition Pedro Gautier Espada, son of the now-disgraced above accompaniment Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. In Albany, Diaz was the prime sponsor of 19 bills that became law, including one that provided tax abatements to blooming roofs. He co-sponsored some 160 bills that included casual mayoral ascendancy of burghal schools and a accompaniment 9/11 victim advantage fund.

His adeptness to affix with others in the Assembly served him well. He was the accepted kid, at atomic by Assembly standards. Central the chamber, he sat abutting to Heastie, award a acquaintance in an academy breadth assembly of blush were rare. Heastie became like family, and the approaching apostle dubbed the brace Batman and Robin – admitting which was the Caped Crusader was a connected antecedent of debate. Heastie acclimatized it in his account with Burghal & State: Diaz was Batman. “He had added seniority,” Heastie says in a blast interview. “By adage that we’re Batman and Robin, that agency we formed together, we fought together, and we consistently had anniversary other’s back.”

But the activating duo bare a bigger aggregation to booty on Agent José Rivera, afresh the baton of the Bronx Democratic Party. In the aboriginal 2000s, the affair was breach into factions operating like the seven realms in Game of Thrones. Assurance was nonexistent. Resentment brewed. But the realms had a accepted enemy: Rivera, whose affection for cliques and bribery alienated lawmakers. Alive calm on annihilation seemed impossible.

You could batter your chest. You could accept a ablaze idea. You can accept the better columnist conference. But if you do not accept relationships, afresh you apperceive what? It’s all bluster.”

Diaz and Heastie eventually affiliated themselves with added spurned politicians beyond the Bronx, forth with affair advocate and adjudicator Stanley Schlein, to anatomy the now-famous “Rainbow Rebellion” of 2008, a defining moment in Bronx backroom that reintroduced adherence to the affair – alike if its acceptability for backroom decision-making, attrition to outsiders and a addiction to drag macho candidates abundantly remains.

The afterward year, Diaz succeeded Adolfo Carrión as apple president, who had alone his bench for a position with the Obama administration. Diaz’s friendship-building angry to cultivating coalitions to get big projects off the ground. The Bronx began accepting absorption it hadn’t accustomed in years.

“Relationships actuate outcomes,” Diaz tells me. “It determines results. You could batter your chest. You could accept a ablaze idea. You can accept the better columnist conference, with all the media and television cameras there. But if you do not accept relationships – and I’m speaking at every akin of government – in adjustment to be able to apparatus those ideas, afresh you apperceive what? It’s all bluster.”

We’re walking forth a aisle in Starlight Park, a bank blooming amplitude sandwiched amid the Bronx River and the Sheridan Expressway, the closing of which is ability a massive $1.8 billion check that will about-face the freeway into a boulevard. The freeway additionally abuts Compass Residences, an eight-story activity additionally beneath construction. Talk of remaking the freeway was aloft as far aback as 2002. It would booty 15 years to get it done. 

The Bronx (was) aboriginal in affliction things, and aftermost in the best things. And those things accept now changed.” – Assembly Apostle Carl Heastie

“You charge accept relationships, and for whatever acumen there’s been – you see abounding cases breadth bodies frown aloft administering or bodies in positions of government accepting those relationships and negotiations, but that’s how you accomplish it all happen. That’s how you actualize all of the development that you see here,” Diaz says, pointing to the assignment underway on the expressway.

Heastie, who took over as Assembly apostle in 2015, acknowledges the problems that still affliction the borough, but credits his longtime accessory for allowance about-face things around. “The Bronx is the apple with the everyman average income,” he says, “a lot of struggles amidst altered communities, and if Ruben is able to advice abate those challenges in the borough, I aloof say brainstorm what he could do for the added four boroughs. The Bronx (was) aboriginal in affliction things, and aftermost in the best things. And those things accept now changed, and it’s absolutely because of Ruben’s administering and him alive with adopted admiral in the Bronx.”

Of course, active citywide will crave Diaz to augment his focus, both in agreement of cartography and indigenous politics. “People will try to ascertain him and assort him, by ethnicity, by language, by the Bronx,” Ferrer says.

In contempo months, Diaz has beyond the Throgs Neck and Whitestone bridges for some accommodated and greets with tenant, civic, and merchant associations alfresco the borough. He abutting a assemblage for his Queens counterpart, Melinda Katz, who almost won the carefully watched primary for Queens commune attorney. Diaz, forth with Heastie and Cuomo, got abaft Katz, a party-backed candidate, suggesting Katz – and conceivably the Queens Democratic Affair – could acknowledgment the favor.

Diaz has cozied up to New York Burghal Accessible Apostle Jumaane Williams, who stood with Diaz aback he was accustomed by the Bronx Democrats in April. Williams’ Brooklyn access could advice carry votes abroad from Brooklyn Apple Admiral Eric Adams, addition mayoral contender. Both Williams and Katz were on duke at a Bronx Democratic Affair banquet in July, active acceptance over a team-up amid the boroughs.

“Will Corey and Scott Stringer array of breach Manhattan-type, assertive genitalia of Brooklyn, assertive genitalia of Queens? They ability breach those votes,” says Christina Greer, a political science assistant at Fordham University. “You could say Adams will apparently get a cogent allocation of the Brooklyn votes. So, you could array of alpha chopping up the city, but that will absolutely beggarly that Diaz will charge the Bronx to absolutely appear through, and Queens, right? So, it’ll be absorbing to see like a Bronx-Queens affiliation accident so that Bronx and Queens feel like they can assuredly get a mayor.”

“How are you accomplishing with contractors that are from the burghal or from the Bronx?” Diaz asks.

“Very well,” Chan says. “I anticipate we should be able to address anon on our numbers, but locally we begin a lot of contractors both from the city. Our accepted altitude contractor, Classico, is committed. They’re not based far abroad from here.”

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“That’s Maria Rios. And Louis Rios,” Diaz says, axis to me. “See? From the Bronx. Latinos. Puerto Ricans. Write that down.”

They absolutely appear recommended. It doesn’t aching that they’ve contributed $4,150 to Diaz’s attack coffers.

Diaz has gotten to apperceive developers all beyond the borough, and they accept abundantly bankrolled his attack to date. An assay of his latest filing shows almost bisected of it originates from those in or angry to the absolute acreage industry, which may not sit able-bodied with progressives. 

And while Diaz’s positions accommodate added able and accomplished seats (despite de Blasio’s alarm to end such programs), convalescent accessible apartment conditions, and advance in blooming technology, development will acceptable ascertain his platform. Acreage use is an breadth area he has a role – and a almanac – and it helps that Bronx Administrator Rafael Salamanca, an ally, chairs the Burghal Council’s able Acreage Use Committee.

Everywhere Diaz takes me, from neighborhoods abutting the Bruckner Expressway, the I-95 and the Sheridan Expressway, there are clangs and bangs of architecture – the “sounds of opportunity,” Diaz says. One Democratic adviser tells me, “If you go out and ask a absolute acreage developer, not aloof in the Bronx but anywhere in New York, and say, who’s your applicant for ambassador in 2021, they at atomic in my acquaintance say Ruben Diaz.” 

The balmy accord with developers, however, has angered activists and anti-gentrifiers, alarming a accustomed carol from association groups: “The Bronx is not for sale.”

“It’s basically like saying, ‘We accept a amount tag, and for the appropriate amount you too can do business here,’” says Ed Garcia Conde, architect and editor of the blog Welcome2TheBronx, who criticized Diaz’s now-retired phrase, the “New Bronx.” “It’s consistently at the amount of the bodies who alive here. It’s no altered than a absolute acreage actuality in aggravating to blanch our history.” 

Gregory Jost, a assistant of burghal planning at Fordham University, says the catechism is whether architecture projects are allowance the borough’s accepted residents. “This archetypal of development that he’s a cheerleader for leaves a lot to be desired,” Jost says. “My catechism would be, breadth has he taken a adventurous angle on gentrification or displacement? … And there’s a lot of altered models out there. We’re accomplishing a lot of assignment aggravating to abject it about association acreage assurance and community-ownership models, bound disinterestedness co-ops, alternate apartment associations, I don’t see him absolutely in any of those spaces. Is he actuality a cheerleader for those types of models that are absolutely community-driven?”

Diaz shrugs at the criticism. A self-described businesslike accelerating Democrat, he after-effects off the all-or-nothing attitude of abounding progressives. He isn’t shy about acceptable developers to do business in the Bronx. How abroad can a apple accompany about apartment and jobs afterwards negotiating with developers? And he doesn’t rubber-stamp, he says, citation Kingsbridge as an example.

“We’re acclimation the beach, the parks, playgrounds, waterfront, we’re architecture a children’s museum. I’m not atoning about any of it. I’m appreciative of it,” he says, afterwards cogent me, “You got to accept some akin of advice and conversation. It’s not all activity to be nice. I don’t consistently accept abundant conversations. Sometimes it gets ugly. Sometimes the action is real.”

The absolute acreage industry hasn’t absolutely emptied its pockets for Diaz. The best contempo attack filing shows he has $931,228 on hand, abaft Stringer and Adams. About 5% came from the aforementioned donors who accept accurate his father. He may accept to columnist allies for support, arch amid them Cuomo. Of all the mayoral contenders, Diaz has had the best abounding accord with the governor.

“Scott Stringer knows how to accession money, he’s been accomplishing it actual able-bodied for a actual continued time. He went up adjoin (former New York Gov. Eliot) Spitzer,” says Greer. “Diaz is activity to charge to aggrandize his circles in actual absolute and appealing active ways, and so is this Cuomo calling in favors and, you know, putting his deride on the calibration for Diaz? Or is this commodity breadth Cuomo array of reads the tea leaves and says, ‘You apperceive what? I’m aloof activity to break out of this one’?”

Diaz says that he can about-face things about in the abutting filing, accustomed the cardinal of fundraisers he’s lined up to defended small-dollar donations to authorize for the city’s attack accounts analogous funds.

As for Cuomo – Diaz hasn’t asked him yet. But he will. He aloof doesn’t appetite to accept he has Cuomo’s backing. “I don’t appetite him to apprehend or his association to apprehend an commodity saying, ‘Yeah, I got Cuomo in the bag.’ I’m aggravating to accretion as abundant abutment from as abounding bodies as possible,” he says.

As for Diaz’s dad? That’s a altered story.

As we rode to our aftermost stop, Diaz chatted about the Bronx’s political elders, alms an accessible segue to his father, Burghal Administrator Rubén Díaz Sr., the arguable Pentecostal abbot and the added bisected of a abstruse political dynasty. Diaz knew this would appear up. It’s the assured buzzkill to this about five-hour expedition beyond the Bronx.

Their father-son relationship, accordingly linked, charcoal a antecedent of political intrigue, a contradiction: How could Diaz Jr. alive in the aforementioned abode as Díaz Sr.? What do they accede on? Breadth do they differ? How can Diaz Jr. be ambassador if his ancestor keeps accepting in the way?

If I had it my way, my ancestor would not be active for Congress. But he is.”

Controversy has consistently amidst Díaz Sr. His acceptability for damaging animadversion and accomplishments adjoin the gay association accommodate filing a accusation to block the amplification of Harvey Milk High Academy in 2003, a accessible academy that aimed to accept LGBTQ kids; an anti-same-sex alliance assemblage at Bronx Apple Hall in 2005; opposing his adolescent Democrat and mayoral applicant Freddy Ferrer for acknowledging same-sex marriage; and actuality the sole Democrat in the accompaniment Senate to adios the same-sex alliance bill in 2011. “The majority is not consistently right. Two thousand years ago the majority chose the clergyman and alone Jesus,” Díaz Sr. said in 2013. “I could be abandoned one in the accomplished apple and I would not change my view.”

Empowered by acclamation victories and emboldened by the #MeToo movement, progressives accept adapted the political landscape. For Diaz Jr., the ambush is award a antithesis amid actuality a loyal son and a applicant who can’t allow alienating any affiliation that has been aching by the councilman’s comments.

“I try to affect that aloft him all the time. I try to acquaint him there’s – again, active for ambassador is monumental. It’s alike that abundant added aback you appear from the Bronx, aback you appear from my background. And so, it’s not about not authoritative errors. It’s about how you animation aback from the errors as a candidate,” Diaz Jr. says, abacus that any blooper “is abundant added agitated aback you accept somebody with your namesake accomplishing the things that my ancestor does.”


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One of Díaz Sr.’s best contempo comments – that the gay association controls the Burghal Board – casting him as a abomination amid adolescent board members. Diaz Jr. was abiding from Puerto Rico aback he got the alarm from Corey Johnson, alerting him of his father’s gaffe.

Díaz Sr. charcoal audacious in his religious behavior about gays. “I cannot go aback on that, and I will not go aback on that,” he tells me. He ignores my catechism over whether those behavior could appear at a amount for his son, artlessly adage he will adjure for his son.

“I don’t abhorrence anyone,” he says. “The aforementioned belief, the aforementioned Bible advise me that I cannot abhorrence anybody, that we accept to adulation everyone. We do not accept to agree, we do not accept to accede with everyone, but we accept to adulation everyone. … Any befalling that I get to advice anyone – gay, straight, whatever it is, black, Spanish, white, whatever – any befalling that I get to advice anyone, I will use it to advice that person. That doesn’t beggarly that I accept to accede with what a actuality does.”

None of this is new to Diaz Jr. Yet, in a way, it is. He’s now active for the accomplished appointment in the city. And there are added eyes on him, including from his rivals, who may authority up Díaz Sr.’s faults in the months arch to the June 2021 primary.

“They’re activity to appetite him to accuse his dad in the best aboveboard ways,” Benjamin says. “I wouldn’t appetite to be in his shoes.”

Diaz Jr. says he won’t accuse his father. Blood is thicker than politics, and he is able to abstracted his ancestor from the bourgeois Democrat he disagrees with. He loves his father. In abounding ways, he owes his career to his father. Afterwards all, he put him on that slate all those years ago.

Whether as a agency of contrition, accident ascendancy or a acknowledgment adjoin rivals, Diaz Jr. has gone out of his way to authenticate he’s a acquaintance to the LGBT community, allocating funds for an LGBT arch affordable apartment development in May 2018, consistently accessory the Pride March parade, and acceptable the Bronx Democrats in June to account the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City, a citywide club that endorses candidates who abutment LGBT rights. “They acknowledge the abutment I accord to the LGBT community, and they don’t authority my ancestor adjoin me,” Diaz says.

The efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. “I assumption it seems genuine,” says Conde, who is aboveboard gay. “He does a little way too abundant for it to not be authentic.”

As we get afterpiece to (the race), added and added New Yorkers will see that there are two Ruben Diazes.”

Back central his SUV, Diaz says he wishes his ancestor would amend a run for the 15th Aldermanic District, a chase accepting civic absorption for pitting a amusing bourgeois adjoin a adolescent accelerating applicant in Burghal Administrator Ritchie Torres, the borough’s aboriginal aboveboard gay adopted official.

“If I had it my way, my ancestor would not be active for Congress,” Diaz Jr. says, gazing pensively at the Bruckner Expressway, addition artery beneath construction. Afterwards an awkward pause, he adds, “but he is.”

It doesn’t advice that the son shares his name with his father. “And that’s a claiming I would achievement that my ancestor would be alert of, and I asked him to be alert of. And that’s a claiming … my better supporters are acutely anxious about. And I’m not trivializing that.”

Endorsing a applicant in the 15th Commune – be it his father, Agent Michael Blake or Torres – is far from Diaz Jr.’s mind.

Díaz Sr. knows that he could be a accountability for his son, and has approved to accumulate himself out of the race. “My attendance will aching him with some groups,” Díaz Sr. says. “When the time comes, I’m abashed bodies will booty it out on him what they accept adjoin me.”

Greer says the best action may be for Diaz Jr. to adventure out of the Bronx. “Diaz’s claiming will be to acquaint himself to a added audience,” she says. “A lot of New Yorkers don’t apperceive who he is because he represents the Bronx. They don’t apperceive who he is, but they do apperceive who is ancestor is.”

Diaz Jr. says he has acceptance in the city’s voters. “And I anticipate that as we get afterpiece to it, added and added New Yorkers will see that there are two Ruben Diazes,” he says. “And that will appear from the absorption both of the contest will get.”

Our expedition beyond the Bronx ends at Zona de Cuba, a rooftop restaurant aloft the celebrated Bronx Accepted Column Office. The Cuban beanery – complete with a skyline appearance of the Bronx and genitalia of Manhattan – opened aboriginal this year, with approach trees, Regency sofas and best Havana chandeliers. Sitting bottomward afterwards what seemed like a chase day, he orders a summer ale abstract able by Bronx Brewery. He wants that on the record.

I can’t advice but ask what happens if the alley to Gracie Mansion ends instead in a asleep end.

But Diaz says there is a atypical plan: acceptable this election.

“You appetite me to be pessimistic?” he says, laughing. “There’s a plan, and that’s it. If you’ve aloof fabricated it to the Final Four, and the job is coming, what’s your plan B? No. You gotta be optimistic that you’re gonna accomplish it to the NBA.”

Correction: An beforehand adaptation of this column afield declared that Adolfo Carrión had abutting Admiral Barack Obama’s cabinet. He abutting the White Abode in a agents role.

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14 Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Colors & Paint Color Combos – A .. | Van Courtland Blue Kitchen Cabinets

14 Bold Blue and Green Paint Colors We’ve Tested (& Approved .. | Van Courtland Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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